3 ways to selectively sharpen images using Photoshop

Learn 3 different ways to sharpen images and bring out details using Photoshop.

How to create amazing corporate portraits in average locations

In an ideal world, yourclient will invite you to photograph them in their beautiful 10000 square ft loft with polished floorboards, an abundance of daylight and gorgeous furniture . The reality is usually a tiny windowless office filled with grey filing cabinets and green walls.

Look Ma no flash! How to create a studio look portrait using daylight

Yes, you CAN create a gorgeous studio look using natural daylight. Find out how.

How to mimic daylight: Laundrette portrait shoot in India

With the right setup, budget lighting doesn't have to look cheap! In this tutorial, Gina shares a great lighting setup for single portraits on the run.

How to create a moody character shot using one light

This is a simple lighting style showing you how to create several different looks in one location using one light and one reflector.

LYS book cover studio shoot with Samuel and Connie Johnson

In this tutorial, Gina shares her studio lighting setup for a book cover and merchandise shoot.

This time it’s personal! How to customise your Lightroom workspace in 30 seconds.

Remember when you were at school, and you used to put your name in your pencil case? Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to put your name on your own version of Lightroom? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to personalise your workspace with a name or a logo. Click play below to watch.

One light and a leaf blower: Making the most of small spaces.

In this tutorial, Gina is working in a tiny space with low ceilings on a publicity shoot for an Australian radio and television personality. She shares her key hacks for lighting small spaces. In reality, photographers rarely work in ideal situations with plenty of room, so knowing how to work with what you've got is crucial.
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How to direct and pose like a pro

About Gina

About Gina

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