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In this tutorial, you'll get a unique insight into how Gina works and learn tricks you can apply to your own photography.

Frank Romano Scoglitti Beach tutorial

Doing a long-distance shoot presents a whole new set of challenges which you may not have thought of.

Understanding colour profiles

In an ideal world, I could photograph a man wearing a blue suit and a yellow cap, sitting in a red Fiat 500 (the coolest car ever made). I could use any camera, process it using any RAW file software, retouch on any computer and print it on any printer. The reds, blues, yellows and skin tones would be identical through the entire process. Sadly, we don’t live in that world. Cameras, monitors, software and printers speak different languages and see different versions of colours. This makes what should be the relatively simple exercise of photographing, post-processing and printing one of the most frustrating exercises possible. The good news there is a workaround. It’s a bit like a language interpreting service for colours. Introducing: colour management. Colour management, like the UN, gives all your devices consistent colour profiles (the way they see colour). The gorgeous red Fiat 500 I photographed...

Light creep no more! How to remove a lightstand from an image using Photoshop.

Do you ever get frustrated by light creep? Light creep is where the edge of a light modifier or light stand creeps into the edge of the frame. This is often really difficult to avoid because the best portrait lighting is created when the lights are really close to the subject. I can easily avoid light creep by shooting my portraits really tight, but sometimes I find amazing backgrounds that I also want to include in my shot. My options were limited to moving my light further away from my model, and out of frame or not lighting my model at all. Then I discovered this really easy photoshop technique to remove lights and my entire approach to lighting portraits changed for the better. 1. A tripod is essential for this shot. It’s also critical that the tripod doesn’t move. If you are using a lightweight tripod, I recommend you...

How to create an old worn image using Photoshop

The Footy Show Cast/Courtesy Nine Network Australia Here is a really simple way to make photos look old and worn using Photoshop. I created this image as part of a promotion for the Nine Network’s coverage of the Ashes. The cast of The Footy Show had dressed up as cricketers from last century and I wanted to make the image look old and worn too. Here’s how I did it in six easy steps.                     1. Start with a colour image you would like to turn into an old worn image and convert it to a black and white image Image>adjust>Black and White     2. Make or download a textured background. I bought mine from a stock library but you could easily wrinkle a piece of textured card and stain it with an iron and coffee.     3. Open...
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How to direct and pose like a pro

About Gina

About Gina

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