March 2021

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that makes a big difference in your portrait shots

Above: Image by Gina Milicia The energy you bring to a shoot is going to have a huge impact on the person you are photographing so it’s really important that you check your mood, body language and tone during a portrait shoot. It’s not what you say that matters. It’s how you say it and here’s why. Have you ever been served in a cafe by a waiter who would rather be at home watching Game of Thrones? Or a shop assistant who has memorised the shop assistants’ generic greetings but just forgot to care about what she was saying along the way? The waiter is polite, gets the coffee order correct and even smiles at the appropriate times. As far as serving coffee 101 goes, this guy has totally nailed it. The problem here, and it’s nothing he said or did, is that the energy or care factor isn’t there....

Ep 339: What makes a portrait great?

What makes a portrait? Apart from the technical aspects, there are a few intangible factors that you need to consider if you want to create a portrait that makes people go “Wow”. We reveal what you need in this episode.


Love this quote about the difference between confidence and arrogance. “Arrogance is all about trying to prove yourself. Confidence is about improving yourself.” – Sean Stephenson Above: Image by Gina Milicia

Ep 338: How to become a successful elopement/adventure wedding photographer with guest Joel Alston

Adventure and elopement weddings are exploding in popularity in the last few years. Pandemics, social distancing and travel restrictions and $$$ are influencing more couples to rethink the traditional 100+ people wedding. Joel Alston has grown his intimate and elopement wedding photography business from 2 weddings a year to 70 + weddings a year which is HUGE. He has photographed couples in some gorgeous locations including Iceland and New Zealand.

How to add texture and shine to hair using the selective adjustment brush in Lightroom

Here’s a really quick and easy way to improve the appearance and texture of hair in a portrait using the selective adjustment brush.

Keep this accessory in your back pocket every time you head out on a shoot

Above: Image by Gina Milicia “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford There is one accessory I believe every photographer must possess to guarantee they nail the shot. You won’t find this on Amazon, B&H or most camera stores, and second hand versions are useless. This accessory must be acquired new and like great hiking boots, you need to break it in. A word of caution – with all good things – too much can be dangerous. It’s a delicate balancing act but when you get it right, this accessory will make you unstoppable. So what is this amazing accessory? Is it a lens, camera, light modifier, tripod? Nope, none of the above. The accessory that I speak of is confidence. When you have confidence in your abilities to get the job done, life as a photographer becomes so much easier, and it shows....

Ep 337: The best photography job in the world with guest Mitchel Wu

Photographer Mitchel Wu must have the best job in the world. His clients include: Marvel, The Walt Disney Company, Hasbro, Mattel, Warner Bros and more. He photographs toys. But with a difference!

Love this quote by Joseph Chilton Pearce

“To live a creative life we must first lose the fear of being wrong.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

Ep 336: How to Build an Awesome Brand, Book More Clients and Make Lots More MONEY with guest Jeff Brown

How to build an awesome brand, book more clients and make lots more money as a photographer. Meet Jeff Brown, a full time professional photographer and marketing consultant, who will reveal how to do all that and much more.

Understanding JPEG compression

Have you ever noticed banding or streaks in your images, especially in areas where there are plain backgrounds like blue skies or plain coloured walls? This banding is caused by too much jpeg compression and can easily be avoided. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how the amount of jpeg compression you choose to export your images will influence how your images appear in print, and on the interwebs.
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How to direct and pose like a pro

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