Ep 357: How to Build a Photography Side Hustle when you work full time.

If you have a fulltime job, what steps can you take to build your photography side hustle?

Ep 356: Finding joy and fulfilment in photography with guest Pauline Klemm

Meet Pauline Klemm, who had a sliding doors moment 3 years ago that completely changed her life when her brother, Michael, a gifted photographer, died tragically in India. Her decision to keep his camera and learn photography began as a way of sharing his legacy. This has now grown and Pauline’s life has grown and evolved in exciting ways.

Ep 355: The best ways to improve your photography skills

How do you choose the best method to fast track your own learning and ensure that you uplevel your skills effectively and efficiently?

Ep 354: Printing your images at home with guest Ian van der Wolde

Ever wanted to print your own image at home but achieve the professional output you would get from a lab?

Ep 353: How to shoot amazing Astro Photography with guest Michael Goh

How do you take jaw-dropping astrophotography? We talk to Michael Goh and you’ll discover how he shoots his time lapse photography, the importance of foreground elements and much more!

Ep 352: Commercial portrait photography with guest Jeroen Nieuwhuis.

How does commercial portrait photography differ from regular portrait photography? We talk to Jeroen Nieuwhuis on his work as a commercial portrait photographer. You’ll discover: how he landed his first commercial gig at 18, the importance of knowing how to pose and direct models, why you need good assistants, getting booked from personal projects by commercial clients, funding personal projects, gear preferences, working with art directors, how he lights and directs his images and heaps more.

Ep 351: How to direct shy, anxious, overconfident or difficult people

Connecting with people when you’re taking their portraits can be challenging. Because a great shot is not just about the technical aspects of photography. It’s also about whether your subject is comfortable, relaxed and at ease with the camera. In this episode, you’ll discover the techniques you need to use when you’re directing shy, anxious, overconfident or difficult people. Find out about this and much more in this week’s episode.

Ep 350: Awkward and cliche portrait poses to avoid and how to improve them

When you’re posing people, it can be easy to fall into the trap of letting them fall into awkward or cliched poses without even noticing. That could make or break a shot. So what kind of poses should you look out for? How can you avoid them? And if you find your subject doing one, what can you do to turn a “meh” pose into a winner? Find out about this and much more in this week’s episode.

Ep 349: How to photograph strangers with guests Daryl and Judy Ford

How do you achieve compelling shots with total strangers. We chat to Daryl and Judy Ford about: the pros and cons of two creatives living together, how Judy and Daryl used a photo tour guide to help them gain access to subjects living in remote locations, techniques they used to connect with complete strangers.

Ep 348: The essential guide to cropping portraits

To drop or not to crop? And if you are going to crop, exactly where is the right spot? This episode is all about how to crop your portraits perfectly. You’ll discover: key cropping proportions that will make all the difference, why understanding the final use and purpose of the shot is so important, where you should NEVER crop, why you need to allow breathing space and so much more.
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How to direct and pose like a pro


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