Ep 365: We are back! How to start a photography side hustle

We’re back, after a short hiatus! And today we’re discussing the top 5 factors you need to incorporate to make your photography side hustle a success! This advice could change your life!

Ep 364: The best advice from the masters of photography part two

Top photographers reveal their tips that could change the way you shoot. You'll hear from Sean Tucker, Julia Coddington, and Joel Grimes.

Ep 363: The best advice from the masters of photography part one

Discover the biggest ‘a-ha’ moments from masters of photography. You'll hear from Nick Boothman, Ami Vitale, Donato DiCamillo, and Scott Bourne.

Ep 362: A complete guide to landscape photography for beginners and intermediates with guest, Brenda Petrella

Meet photographer Brenda Petrella who took a leap of faith when she left her cushy job as a cancer researcher for a tree change and life as a landscape photographer. She is a Vermont-based landscape and nature photographer, the founder of Outdoor Photography School , and the host of the Outdoor Photography Podcast.

Ep 361: It’s never too late to start a photography business with guest Rebecca Martin

It’s never too late to start a photography business. Meet photographer Rebecca Martin. Not only is she a mother of eight, she’s grandmother to 11 kids! Rebecca picked up a camera to start recording her babies, and now runs a successful wedding and portrait business.

Ep 360: Fine art lifestyle, virtual and family photography with guest Anna Hornby

Meet photographer Anna Hornby, who does fine art lifestyle, virtual and family photography. Anna walks us through a virtual shoot and discuss: shooting on an iPhone and getting over the tech cringe, directing and posing and find great light virtually, her influences, finding inspiration everywhere, growing a new business, editing and shooting with an edit in mind and more!

Ep 359: How to improve your photography anywhere in just 10 minutes a day with guest Danni Banchi

How do you build your photography skills and career when you are flat out busy, constantly on the road and have limited time?

Ep 358: 5 pro tips for beginners and enthusiasts to take their photography to the next level

There are 5 strategies you need to consider if you truly want to excel and make it as a photographer.

Ep 357: How to Build a Photography Side Hustle when you work full time.

If you have a fulltime job, what steps can you take to build your photography side hustle?

Ep 356: Finding joy and fulfilment in photography with guest Pauline Klemm

Meet Pauline Klemm, who had a sliding doors moment 3 years ago that completely changed her life when her brother, Michael, a gifted photographer, died tragically in India. Her decision to keep his camera and learn photography began as a way of sharing his legacy. This has now grown and Pauline’s life has grown and evolved in exciting ways.
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