Ep 374: The final episode

In this final episode, we pay tribute to Gina Milicia and the impact she has made on photographers around the world.

Ep 373: How Luci Valentine learned off-camera flash in one week

Ok, we get it. You love shooting with daylight. And either you think that learning to use flash is hard or you think it’s not the look you’re after. The reality is that mastering flash will not only improve your photography by leaps and bounds, it gives you much greater flexibility, enables you to shoot in the most challenging situations and provides you an edge in the way you create your images. San Francisco-based photographer Luci Valentine used to be in the same boat. But she’s now embraced flash photography - and she did it in a week.

Ep 372: Stepping out of your photography comfort zone and thriving with guest Kerri Setch

Is it time to get out of your comfort zone? Whether that’s trying a new technique or working with strangers, it can give your photography a new lease on life – even if it seems a little daunting at first. In this episode, Brisbane-based photographer Kerri Setch discusses how she went beyond her comfort zone. Kerri used to find the idea of approaching strangers for photos daunting. She discusses how she overcame this fear and thrived.

Ep 371: Five reasons your images look old fashioned or dated and how to fix them

You might be technically brilliant but if you’ve been shooting for a while, there is a chance your images may appear dated. If you want to ensure you maintain an edge with your photography, discover these five reasons your images may look outdated – and how to fix this.

Ep 370: Finding your niche with portrait photographer Brian Becnel

Meet Orlando-based photographer Brian Becnel, whose portrait and event photography oozes authenticity. His love of finding the beauty in everyone he sees translates into authentic and relaxed portraits. We chat about starting out on his photography journey; workshops and education, the first moment he realised this could be a side hustle; seeing the beauty in everyone; shooting authentically, how Brian relaxes his models, reading the cues clients give you; the photographer he always dreamed of becoming.

Ep 369: Pet photography with guest Jannene Meyer

Meet Jannene Meyer, an award winning pet photographer located on the Gold Coast of Australia. We chat about: making the transition from what you ‘think’ you should be photographing to following your heart and photographing what you love; working with assistants, the power of mentors, Facebook marketing, 3rd party promotions, the importance of standing out in a crowded market, doggy markets, in person sales and heaps more.

Ep 368: It’s never too late to be what you might have been, with guest Karla Livney

We chat to guest photographer Karla Livney about making the transition from corp life to the creative life, playing the long game, the importance of creating your own website, photographing the stuff you love vs the work you think you should be doing, how working for charities is a great way to grow your business, learning to light and developing confidence, saying no to certain gigs is just as important as saying yes, gear and much more.

Ep 367: Beyond the cliche: How to shoot family portraits that stand out from the pack!

Family portraits are often in danger of looking cliched. But you can create, compose and style stunning family group shots that look more like professional lifestyle shots instead of awkward or uncomfortable photos. This week we discuss the steps you need to take to ensure you’re taking family photos that stand out – and that your clients will love!

Ep 366: What is the best lens for portraits? Wide or long?

We’re back, after a short hiatus! And today we’re discussing the top 5 factors you need to incorporate to make your photography side hustle a success! This advice could change your life!

Ep 365: We are back! How to start a photography side hustle

We’re back, after a short hiatus! And today we’re discussing the top 5 factors you need to incorporate to make your photography side hustle a success! This advice could change your life!
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About Gina

About Gina

Gina Milicia is one of the most widely known and respected photographers in Australia. She is the master of capturing that ‘magical moment’... READ MORE

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