Master manual mode and get off auto forever


How to take amazing photographs by getting off the auto setting on your camera – and mastering manual mode like a pro. This course reveals exactly what you need to know, without the technical jargon, from world-class photographer gina milicia.


‘Auto’ – it’s easy, it’s quick and it’s reliable. Set and forget. But are you getting the most out of your camera? (Spoiler: you’re not.)

In this user-friendly course, Master the Magic of Manual Mode and Get Off Auto Forever, I will get you off auto mode and on to creating awesome images using the manual settings of your camera. F-stops. ISO. Aperture. Shutter speeds and more. All expertly explained in easy to understand terms.

You’ll go from taking average photos to stunning images that truly showcase your talent and creativity. And you’ll NEVER look back!


So, why use manual mode?

When you use auto, you’re limited in what you can achieve. It’s like building a house with a standard blueprint – it may look fine, yet lacks originality and street appeal. But once you discover the magic of manual mode, you’ll never want to return to auto again. (And your new house will be a unique thing of beauty.)

Want another example? Why buy a clothing item off the rack, when you can learn the skills to creating your own unique piece exactly how you want it.

We all see the world slightly differently, and your manual setting allows your camera to fit your mind’s eye (and not the other way around). It enables you to create the images that you’ve always wanted.

I have been taking pictures for most of my life. Generally speaking, I thought the pics were pretty good. But I just kept wondering why I could’t produce a picture that made me go WOW! My how things have changed. Thanks to you Gina. Your teaching style is right on the mark.

Within a very short space of time, you were able to demystify the art of photography and give me a simple and clear understanding of how things work. More importantly you have reignited my passion for photography as an art form and as a vehicle to express myself. As if teaching me to be a better photographer wasn’t enough, you also introduced me to the mind blowing magic of Lightroom. WOW WOW WOW. Now I don’t just get to shoot pictures, I transform into artist mode and get to develop them just the way I want.


Ready to take pictures like a real photographer?

Hey, don’t get me wrong – taking pictures on auto CAN be fun. And super convenient. Plus, it’s immensely satisfying when you’re first starting out. But after a while you realise that you and your camera can do so much more.

After a while you want to take STUNNING images. After a while you want to create the kind of pictures that you see in magazines and photographic exhibitions. And you wonder how to turn those ideas into real images.

Well … you’re about to find out how.

It’s all possible through the magic of manual mode.

If you want to really master your camera and become a real photographer – this is the best course to help you get there.


Why this course?

Good question. Because I believe that photography doesn’t need to be hard. It doesn’t have to be super technical or home to shutter-snobs. Because I KNOW that you can achieve technically brilliant shots without having to understand a lot of the techno babble. No jargon – just great shots.

This world-leading course has been designed to teach you how to create the kinds of images you’ve always wanted to achieve. In fact, this course will transform your photography forever!

And the very best part? It doesn’t have to take long. This course will fit around you and your schedule and get you mastering manual mode in no time…

Do you face these challenges?

  1. “I love photography but struggle to understand how aperture, ISO and shutter speed relate to each other.”
  2. “I’m stuck on ‘semi-manual’ – where I can set the aperture OR the shutter speed, but let my camera do the rest.” (Trust me, if you’re here, your images can get SO much better!)
  3. “I just think it’s easier to stay on auto because I don’t have the time to master all the other buttons.”

When I first studied photography at college, I had no idea about the technical side of things. I didn’t understand how the “exposure triangle” worked and I struggled to figure out what my lecturer was talking about.

But I persisted. And when I mastered the craft and became a successful photographer, I realised that it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, when it’s explained in a simple way, you can really make your camera work for you – and create amazing images you once thought impossible, without ever going near a Photoshop or Lightroom effect.

I’m passionate about teaching photography simply. I don’t need to use scientific terms and fancy equipment. Through this course, you’ll discover, understand and learn to LOVE manual mode – the fundamentals behind every great image.


Are you ready to make this happen?
Ready to go from happy snapper to skilled photographer?

Over a series of modules, you’ll discover the key elements you need to understand about your camera, and how to achieve the types of shots you’ve always wanted.

You’ll become so confident with your camera that you’ll have no hesitation ripping off the auto ‘training wheels’ and moving on to manual mode.

Specifically, you’ll receive the answers to these burning issues:

  • “What aperture should I use?”
  • “How do I determine the right shutter speed?”
  • “When do I need to adjust my ISO?”

And, as always, I’ll use real life examples to show you how to bring the above three factors together in the same image.

So... What's included?

When you enrol in my Master the Magic of Manual Mode and Get Off Auto Forever course, you’ll be given instant, 24/7 lifetime access to my private training community featuring 28 training videos to give you the skills you need to say goodbye to auto mode forever.

You will also receive:

  •  Real life tutorials where you can see me in action, creating shots from scratch and showing you the final image.
  •  Clear explanations on depth of field and how to use aperture to create pin sharp or moody shots.
  •  Practical lessons on shutter speed including how to freeze action and how to achieve powerful blurry effects.
  •  All you need to know about ISO, explained simply and clearly.
  •  Smart tutorials on how to expose for different skin tones in the same image.
  •  Clever techniques on how to get pin sharp focus in all your images.
  •  Skills on how to achieve magazine-style blurry backgrounds.
  •  Instruction on achieving “bokeh” and why this can add magic to your shots.
  •  Advice on what to do if you’re shooting in extreme low light (practically pitch black!)
  •  And much more!

If you want to learn photography—craft, artistry and business—this is your one-stop shop. I’ve spent a long time (too much time, to be honest) grazing short video tutorials on the “University of YouTube”, and did glean some important insights – but I never got the whole picture, if you’ll pardon the pun. This community is where it all started to come together for me. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Robert Claus