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  • More than 200 tutorials and masterminds
  • Live masterminds each month
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It has fulfilled my expectations and beyond. The Gold Community is an enormous source of resources, of tutorials, of knowledge and experience. It’s very practical, so hands on. It’s very accessible.

Eva Swager

The community itself is wonderful. The people are amazing, the knowledge and the resources that are there are almost unfathomable. You learn and you keep learning and there’s encouragement and it’s just an amazing community.

Kcaarin Pineau

I now have an understanding of how to get the shot. I’m preconceiving what I want the shot to do and setting things up so that I can get that. I’m not 100% there yet, but I feel much more in control of the outcome. Being in this group, I feel like these people and Gina are right next to me during my photoshoots

Luci Valentine

The key thing for me is just building confidence. And knowing that it’s a safe community to be able to share and really get instant feedback. My photography has gone from me doing things as favours to getting out of that comfort zone and now actually seeing myself as somebody who can offer this professional service.

Neasa Waaler

Before learning from Gina, I didn’t have any direction. I was shooting anything and copying other photographers and didn’t have a style of my own. I learnt to see how photos are lit, how just a little bit of light can make a massive impact and take my photos to the next level. How lighting can be simple and doesn’t need to complicated. Those two things have given me the confidence to shoot the way I see the world and develop my own style.

David Rook

Gina knows how to make one feel comfortable and at ease in order to capture the essence of a great portrait. It is poetry in motion. The choreography is magic to watch, Gina’s skills and technique (as well as her monologues – her comic timing is genius) will remain essential in my routine, always.

Kaily Koutsogiannis




Gina Milicia was one of the most widely known and respected photographers in Australia. She was the master of capturing that ‘magical moment’ both in studio and on location, especially when working with people.

As a result, Gina photographed the ‘who’s who’ of the entertainment and fashion industry, not only in Australia but throughout the world.

Gina’s legacy will continue through the photographers she has mentored and her teaching lives on through her courses and tutorials, which are managed by her estate.