Change the colour of a metallic object using Photoshop in two minutes

Have you ever photographed a cool car, push bike or motorbike and wished it were a different colour? Painting over the object with the brush tool will change the colour, but always looks NQR because it also removes the reflections and highlights. Check out this quick and simple hack, that changes the colour,and maintains the highlights and reflections, so you can turn your fave metallic object any colour you want.

Understanding colour profiles

In an ideal world, I could photograph a man wearing a blue suit and a yellow cap, sitting in a red Fiat 500 (the coolest car ever made). I could use any camera, process it using any RAW file software, retouch on any computer and print it on any printer. The reds, blues, yellows and skin tones would be identical through the entire process. Sadly, we don’t live in that world. Cameras, monitors, software and printers speak different languages and see different versions of colours. This makes what should be the relatively simple exercise of photographing, post-processing and printing one of the most frustrating exercises possible. The good news there is a workaround. It’s a bit like a language interpreting service for colours. Introducing: colour management. Colour management, like the UN, gives all your devices consistent colour profiles (the way they see colour). The gorgeous red Fiat 500 I photographed...

How to direct and pose like a pro

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About Gina

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