How to replace skies in two minutes

Retouching skies just got a whole lot easier! 

How to export images for print, web and email using Lightroom for optimum quality

It's so easy to ruin the quality of a photo by exporting it. Whether you're sending it to your mum or a client, you want your exported file to look its best.

How to remove noise in an image using Lightroom

Digital noise can ruin an image but can easily be reduced with a few simple steps in Lightroom.

Lighting with Gridspots

Don't underestimate the gridspot. This light modifier will make portraits pop without modifying your background.

How to Photograph Art

Shooting art is surprisingly tricky. It can be hard to line up the shot and capture colours in all their original vividness. Learn the tips to overcome these common hurdles. 

How to change the colour of lips and eyes in Lightroom

Changing the colour of items in a photo is a useful technique you can use across all your photography.

How to edit multiple images with one click in Lightroom

The ability to copy and apply the edit settings from one image on to multiple images is one of the reasons why Gina loves Lightroom.

An introduction to editing images in Lightroom

Learn the essentials of Lightroom and make the most of this amazing software.

How to control flash focal length using speedlights

Did you know that you can control how wide or narrow your speedlight flash will be? This is a very handy tool to use when shooting portraits.
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How to direct and pose like a pro

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About Gina

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