How to replace skies in two minutes

Retouching skies just got a whole lot easier! 

If you’ve ever tried to swap a boring or blown out sky with a sexy new sky you’ll know how time-consuming and fiddly a job it is. Imagine if you could swap skies with one click.

What if you could do this on backgrounds with detailed trees or portraits and you didn’t need to spend hours cutting people out?

Imagine if Lightroom and Photoshop had a baby and that baby looked like Lightroom and behaved like Photoshop. Now imagine that baby was a sulky teenager that wanted to rebel and do its own thing. Welcome to the world, baby Luminar 4.

This software is still in its infancy and it still needs a lot of work. But Gina has been impressed with the AI sky replacement and thinks it could be an extremely useful tool for photographers who shoot:

  • Real estate
  • Conferences and groups outside
  • Senior portraits
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Travel

In this tutorial, Gina will show you how to use the sky replacement feature and all the little hacks you’ll need to help you create realistic sky swaps in seconds.

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About Gina

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