Lightroom Quick Tip: Lights Out Mode

This simple little tip will make a big impact on how you view your images. Above: When working in the Develop Module in Lightroom tap “L” on your keyboard once to dim the filmstrip and tool panels around your image. Above: Lights out mode (Dimmed) removes distractions but still lets you view filmstrip and tools. Above: Tap on “L” again to completely black out the area around your image. Blacking out the area around your image removes distractions and makes it much easier to judge brightness, contrast and colour tones.

Portrait of Wayan, the Balinese Rice Farmer

Hot, humid and harsh. Learn how to work in difficult conditions.

Helen and Colin the super pup

In this tutorial, Gina will show you how to create a dark and moody background using shutter speed and aperture.

How to light a headshot using a beauty dish

You beauty! Learn the best way to use your beauty dish.

Lighting and directing: The magician

Learn the secrets of lighting and direction in this promotional shoot.

How to create a custom brush from your signature or logo using Photoshop.

Here’s a really quick and easy way to create a custom brush of your signature using Photoshop. This technique works with text logos and images and the uses are not just limited to watermarks. You might want to create a custom brush made from a hand drawn image of flowers or love hearts or dog paws – whatever you like. You can make the brush preset bigger or smaller using the bracket keys. [ ] You can change the colour and opacity of your custom brush to suit the image you are working with.

Change the colour of a metallic object using Photoshop in two minutes

Have you ever photographed a cool car, push bike or motorbike and wished it were a different colour? Painting over the object with the brush tool will change the colour, but always looks NQR because it also removes the reflections and highlights. Check out this quick and simple hack, that changes the colour,and maintains the highlights and reflections, so you can turn your fave metallic object any colour you want.

Paper bag light modifier

No light modifier? No worries! Make your own using a paper bag.

Check out this awesome time-saving retouching hack using Photoshop

In this tutorial I share one of my favourite time-saving hacks for retouching images that allows you to view an image in dual windows, so you don’t need to keep zooming in and out to check your progress.
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How to direct and pose like a pro

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