Posing and Direction

Lighting headshots 101

In this tutorial, Gina dives deep into lighting specifically for headshots. You don't need a lot of fancy equipment, you just need to understand how to work with light to create beautiful headshots that bring out the best in your model.

Knitting Ladies Last Supper inspired group portrait

Learn the secrets behind devising, lighting, posing and directing this extraordinary photo.

How to pose and direct an anxious person

Some people experience fear or anxiety during a photoshoot. Most of these people can be easily calmed with some basic direction but others will need a slightly different approach.

How to light, style, pose and direct a corporate headshot

In this tutorial, Gina shows you how to light, style, pose and direct a corporate headshot.

How to compose headshots for maximum impact

The framing or where you position your model in the frame should never be an accident. Making a few minor adjustments to how you frame your headshots can make a dramatic improvement.

Headshot Photography Part One: An introduction to background choices, composition and styling

A good portrait is one that tells a story about the person being photographed without having to use any words. There should be enough details in the image to tell the viewer everything they need to know.

An introduction to photographing portraits using window light

A window light source can be very adaptable. It can be shaped to create flat even lighting or dramatic mood lighting simply by changing where you position your model. If you're keen to use window light in your portrait photography but not sure where to start, then this is the tutorial for you.

How to create amazing corporate portraits in average locations

In an ideal world, yourclient will invite you to photograph them in their beautiful 10000 square ft loft with polished floorboards, an abundance of daylight and gorgeous furniture . The reality is usually a tiny windowless office filled with grey filing cabinets and green walls.

What’s the best focal length for shooting headshots

Wwhen it comes to shooting headshots or profile pictures, what is the best focal length, and why?

How to remove flare from glasses in a portrait using the clone stamp and layer mask

Photographing a model wearing glasses can be problematic. Glasses are highly reflective and can cause flare or reflections of the light source.
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How to direct and pose like a pro

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