How to remove a hotspot in less than a minute using Photoshop

Overexposing images gives beautiful skin tones, but also creates hotspots on the face. There is a simple way to remove them.

One of Gina’s techniques when taking portraits is to overexpose the images by ½ to 1 stop. This reduces the amount of detail in the skin tone.

The downside of this technique, particularly when shooting with harder light, is hotspots on the forehead and cheeks.

A bit of shimmer or the odd highlight on the face can look great; it adds depth or a healthy glow. Too much light, however, causes a big fat hotspot. Our eyes are drawn to the brightest part of an image, and you don’t usually want to highlight your model’s forehead.

You can fix hotspots in Lightroom, but it’s not ideal for this sort of retouch. Gina has found the simplest way to remove pesky hotspots is to use this neat technique in Photoshop.

In this tutorial, Gina will show you:

  • How to change the hardness of your brush
  • The difference between flow and opacity
  • How to change blend modes using the clone tool
  • How to remove a hotspot
  • How to remove eye bags or dark circles.

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