Ep 39: Want free stuff? How to get free models, makeup artists, stylists, locations, and more!

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We all love a bargain. In this episode, Gina and Valerie reveal how you can get free stuff to help with your photography. That means models, makeup artists, and stylists who will work for free. Together, you can create some amazing shots. You’ll also learn about getting free locations. And where you get also find awesome free resources and tools to help you learn more about photography (apart from this cool podcast of course!).

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Show notes

Interesting links

Surf Photographer Clark Little on Staring Down Shorebreak to Get the Perfect Shot – The Inertia
See Clark’s portfolio of beautiful shore break images
The Inertia: Surfing’s Definitive Community

Listener question from Yuliya Brown
How do I get the expression I am after? I am not photographing models, just my kids and occasionally I get lucky and I get a good expression. I am not talking about smiles, but something thoughtful, serious, sassy etc.

Photo Critique: Kunal Prasad

Three different headshots of men lit differently
Listen to the critique in this episode.

Where do you find free models?



  • Model, acting, dance, entertainment agencies
  • Modelling Facebook groups
  • Friend top stylists and makeup artists in your city

What sort of things do you say when calling, messaging, emailing

“Hello. My name is Gina Milicia and I’m a portrait photographer based in Melbourne. I really love your look and would love to photograph you for my folio. In exchange for your time, I will supply you with high res print ready digital files for you to use for self promotion.

You can view more of my work here www.ginamilicia.com + Instagram +Facebook +Flickr
My contact number is 8675309

The type of images I would like to take are … (supply images)

I will be shooting at this location … (supply details)

If you have any ideas of your own you would like to share please let me know.

The shoot will take xx hours.

I have also arranged for a hair and MU artist to be on set on the day.”

Hair and makeup

Approach hair salons or your hairdresser or hairdressers you know and see if they are interested in collaborating for folio.
Approach hair and makeup colleges in your area


How to make models feel safer when shooting

  • Males never touch, always ask
  • Have a female assistant and MU artist
  • Pick a public location in daylight
  • If model is under 18, ask if she wants to have a friend or parent at the shoot.

How to avoid working with difficult people

Always check their folio and ask lots of questions
Always aim for someone who is slightly ahead of you ( it forces you to lift your game)

Worth having a coffee with them before the shoot. You can tell a lot about someone by how they behave in a cafe.

Free education

CreativeLive– CreativeLive offers free online seminars and classes

Strobist – All the information you need to use your camera’s portable flash unit to its full advantage.

Digital Photography School

Photo Shelter Courses


The Law Tog – Rachel Brenke is a lawyer and a photographer. shares really good blogs about all things law and photography


Pinterest – Pinterest is an awesome way to find and organise visual inspiration.

Lightroom Presets

Photoshop Actions


  • Many heritage listed locations offer cheap rates to students
  • Cool shops, cafes etc will agree if you offer images for websites.
  • Always ask first
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