June 28, 2016

Bargain hunting: 7 tips to consider when buying used camera gear

There are many bargains available online when buying used camera gear, but always do your research before you part with your hard earned cash so you don’t end up with someone else’s junk.   1. Safety Beware of shonky dealers. Check their online rating and feedback and where possible try and meet them in person. Trust your gut. Ask questions like: What was the camera used for? Where and how was it stored? Are you the first owner? Why are you selling? Any mould, scratches, chips on the lens or sensor?   2. Check under the hood. Ask about how many actuations the camera has (this is a fancy way of saying shutter clicks). The shutter clicks (actuations) on a camera tell you how many times it has been used, much like the kms or miles a car has driven. Camera shutters have a lifespan depending on the model and...

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About Gina

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