Ep 70: Epic! How to organise, direct and photograph an epic photo shoot


We go behind the scenes at Gina’s recent epic photo shoot: including Harley Davidsons, Mustangs, horses, drones, teepees, five models and much more!

Gina and Valerie talk about what’s involved in preparing for the shoot, coordinating a huge crew, handling the client and what happens when your main model cancels at the last minute.

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Show notes

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Listener questions

From Matt Zahn:
“I have been asked to shoot a senior portrait session. The place the girl wants to shoot charges $150 for 1.5 hours. Some of you may have heard about it: Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua NY.
Couple of questions.
1. Does this seem like an average fee?
2. This cost gets passed on to the customer. What is a fair price above and beyond that location fee?
3. What kind of lighting gear would you bring? I am thinking one light stand one speedlight with shoot through umbrella. Maybe some gels?

We answer this in the podcast!

Gear Question from Brian Becnel

“Gina, you mentioned a new boom stand you got from Manfrotto. I also bought a Neweer boom last week that I quickly returned, way too cheaply made.
Can you share the details of the boom you chose?”

Manfrotto 420 combi boom stand detail 1 Manfrotto 420 combi boom stand detail 2

Manfrotto 420B Combi Boom Stand (Black)

What happens on an epic shoot for a surf brand?

This week’s show notes are mainly told in behind-the-scenes pictures

Shoot timeline

11am My flight to Sydney was cancelled.
1pm new flight
2.30 Arrive Sydney
4.30 arrive Coledale and scout location
5-6pm dusk shots and skies
6-8 buy food for catering
8pm dinner
10pm main model cancels
10.11.30pm cast new model
12midnight-4.30am sleep
5.30 am organise gear
6.30 am first models and MU arrive
10am first model sent home

4.30pm wrap
6.30 Drive back to Sydney Airport
Midnight home

Footage from the drone

Above: Footage from the drone
Drone operator: Mark Leuschner www.australianaerialimagery.com.au

Mustang horse shoot from above

Above: Mustang horse shoot

Main location coledale beach nsw

Above: Main Location Coledale Beach,NSW

Behind the scenes location 2 Coledale beach

Above: Behind the scenes location #2 Coledale beach

Location 2 working with available light and fill light

Above: Location #2 Working with available light +fill light

using shade in extreme conditions

Above: Using shade in extreme conditions

Creating life in a still shot

Above: Creating “life” in a still shot

Emily in the Mad Max pursuit car

Above: Emily in the Mad Max pursuit car

Karina and Chris test shot on a mustang

Above: Karina and Chris test shot

#ginachallenge #vroom


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