Ep 54: Blue Steel: How to shoot models’ portfolios

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What’s the best way to shoot models’ portfolios? Even if you don’t have access to a modelling/acting agency, you can still use these tips when you are shooting people from your sporting group, association or corporate department.

In this episode, Gina and Valerie break down what you need to know: the planning you have to do, the best gear to bring to the shoot, and the ideal way to run the day in order to get the best shots in the most efficient manner.

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Show notes


From the podcast community – some great #fitnessshots for #ginachallenge

Daniel Sergio Cantero fitness shot
Above: Great symmetry in this shot by Daniel Sergio Cantero


Paul Aracic fitness shot
Above: By Paul Aracic‎


Ronald Fritz fitness shot guy lifting weights in front of a mirror
Above: By Ronald Fritz

Bootcamp: Shooting models’ portfolios for social media agency Platform me

Thanks to Peter Foote, guest voice activated light stand during the shoot discussed in this episode.

Gina Milicia and Peter Foote selfie in a carpark
Above: Gina Milicia and Peter Foote spent all day in a swanky 5 star hotel. So where do you think the photographers decide to take the selfie? The car park!


Peter Foote as a voice activated light stand
Above: Peter in action

From Platform Me:
“Platform Me is a platform for talented, creative and professionals from around the world who have something to offer brands looking to grow. We’re passionate about giving talented people access to the world’s leading brands, and in turn, giving the world’s leading brands access to our talent.”

Brief: Supply images of talent to be used to promote their social media accounts and lift their profiles.

  • 2 guys
  • 5 girls
  • QT hotel sydney

Model Josh lit

Model Josh in daylight
Above: Josh in daylight


Behind the scenes with Josh
Above: Behind the scenes with Josh


Josh shot in the barber shop
Above: Josh shot in the barber shop
  • Available and flash
  • Time pressure
  • Shooting after hours
  • Shooting long from men’s toilets
  • Shooting through doorways
male model in a bar tvs in background
Above: Look at the background … Tv screens can make awesome backgrounds if you know what to do with them. What would you do with the TV screens above?


setting up the shot with model George
Above: Setting up the shot with George


George Genesis georgegenesis Photographed in daylight
Above: George Genesis @georgegenesis
Photographed in daylight


George Genesis photographed with an octabox
Above: George photographed with octabox.


Peter Foote holding a plastic sheet in front of a model during a shoot
Above: Behind the scenes. No window to shoot through? no worries! Check out my $5 sheet of plastic


model shot through plastic sheet made to look like through a window
Above: ANNALISE www.annalise.com.au/


model without direction
Above: The original shot without direction


model with a hint of a smile
Above: A hint of a smile


model with the winning shot
Above: The one that works.


Moody lighting on a reclining man
Above: Moody lighting


moody man shot but with light fill on face
Above: Using light to fill the face. But the moody shot works better.


black and white model group shot on a lounge and floor
Above: Group shot


Ginas jar of Nutella shot at sunset
Above: Gina’s pressie shot at sunset!


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How to direct and pose like a pro


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