Ep 344: Five portrait tips every photographer should know


Discover the five portrait tips every photographer should know. From composing, exposing, to white balance, connection and depth, you’ll find out key strategies and techniques to make your portraits stand out from the pack.

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Five portrait tips every photographer should know

1. Composing

There are 3 ways to take a portrait

  1. Point shoot and hope for the best- No thought or planning
  2. Careful planning
  3. Intuitively ( this happens with experience)
  • Give them looking room
  • Place your model ⅓ of the frame and leave space for them to “look” into
  • To create tension do the opposite
  • Low angle if you want them to look powerful
  • High angle makes your model look smaller or less threatening
  • Level with camera is a “normal”
  • If you isolate them, they appear vulnerable
  •  The right position or framing can be the difference between a memorable shot and a meh shot

2. Exposing

Exposing for skin tone gives a “fashion look” to this portrait

3. White Balance


Changing custom WB settings can radically change the look of your image

My Process

I set my colour temp to 5200 which is a good representation of daylight

I shoot in RAW

If colour is crucial (product/advertising/skin tone) I use a grey card to create a neutral base 

Adjust WB in Post

If I forget I select a neutral tone in the image

Look for a good white ( not blown out)

Tweak WB by eye.

4. Connection

  1. Introduce yourself immediately.

2. Take a few mins (the longer the better) to engage in light chit chat 

3. Speak clearly and confidently and loud enough for them to hear you. 

4. Show them and tell them what you want them to do and why

5. Use verbal, not visual cues

6. Keep talking, praise and encourage. 

7. Tell your model what you are doing

5. Depth and light are your best friends

  • In this example the background is a hot mess. 
  • Shooting at a wider aperture creates a more pleasing background and eliminates all distractions

How to direct and pose like a pro

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