Ep 171: How to transition from day job to photography, backlighting and photo composite tips

You love photography and it’s been a wonderful passion project so far. But can you really make money from it? Can you turn your hobby into a business?

Gina and Valerie talk about how to make the transition. They also discuss clever backlighting techniques and solve one listener’s photo composite question.

Gina and Valerie love bringing this podcast to you.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show notes

Chad Leever:
Hey, thanks for adding me Gina. I am from the Kansas City area of the United States, and I have been enjoying your podcasts very much! My story is that I am a 47 year old father of 2 youngish kids who has fallen in love with photography fairly late in life. One of my “jobs” is that on the weekends I am a working musician with music education in my background. In 1999, however, I blew out my hands from over-use and had to fight my way back for years to get to the point where I could perform on the weekends again. Unfortunately though, I have never been able to push my abilities on the drums past where they were when I became injured. I have had a second-hand Nikon dslr for a couple of months now and fell in love with photography immediately. I realized a couple of weeks ago that the reason I have fallen so hard for photography is because this new passion has replaced something inside me that had been missing since I could no longer push my musical abilities without re-injuring myself. With photography, I can now grow again at something I love with no concerns of injury. My wife is concerned I will only spend money without expectation of making money as well. I wonder what you would say to that. Here are a few of my results so far. The first three of my kids were taken with a 135mm vintage manual focus nikon lens, and the landscape shot was taken with a newer “kit” lens. I included the bicycle picture just for you Gina. 🙂 Thanks, and keep up the great podcasts!

Image by Chad Leever
Image by Chad Leever
Image by Chad Leever
Image by Chad Leever



Mike Rupple:
Ok you guys all the way over there in Australia…I just took this shot last night at a wedding here in the Boston area, and it’s one of my first back lit off camera flash attempts. I shot it at 1/125, f7.1 iso 125. In Lightroom I dropped the exposure a touch and made it mono, along with playing with the contrast and clarity slider. Thoughts?

Image by Mike Rupple

Grant Hughes:
1st time ever doing a composition shot. My client is a graphic and web designer and wanted to showcase his involvement in projects from inception to delivery to his client. A huge thanks to Michael Kruger for his help and guidance with this.
The shot was shot in portrait mode with the table being the one constant. In post edit I layered the picture before masking and erasing the various pics.

Still a long way to go on this genre but had so much fun doing this project and look forward to many more of these 🙂

All feed back will be great and look forward to hearing your snapshot episode on how I can improve on this 🙂

CC always welcome.

Image by Grant Hughes


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