Ep 111: Snapshot: Listener questions and photo critiques

In this minisode, Gina and Valerie review the creative black and white efforts from last week. So many talented people with very different styles of black and white! We also reveal a giveaway offer that you just have to be part of. Go to ginamilicia.com/greatoffer – you won’t regret it!

And we tackle a listener question from a wonderful photographer who photographs rescue doggies to help them find a loving home. We workshop how the pics can be enhanced and how to get creative with featuring the right messaging on the images.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show notes


Black and White Challenge

Claudia Hoffmann‎
“Hello again from Germany, cologne. My bnw photo from an amazing home shooting last week. Can’t wait to hear the new episode from Gina Milicia and Valerie Khoo.”
#soyouwanttobeaphotographer #ginamilicia #bnw #ginachallenge #blackandwhite

Above: image by Claudia Hoffmann‎

‎Peter Foote:
I decided to take the B+W challenge. I opened LR and picked a random image. I’m shocked at how much impact it still has now.

Above: Image by Peter Foote


Above: Image by Peter Foote

‎Louise May‎
Evening/Morning all 🙂
So, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone – thanks for the inspiring email Gina – and sharing a photo for the #blackandwhite #ginachallenge listened to the podcast this morning on my way to shoot an equestrian event today, another awesome episode guys, thank you!
Loved this shot in colour, but love it more in black and white!! Think I’m hooked too… (that wasn’t a intended to be a crochet pun, honest!) 🙂

Above: image by ‎Louise May‎

‎Dan Barker‎
Hey all, I took my kids to a Butterfly Zoo today and managed to get a couple of snaps. What do you reckon to this #blackandwhite ??

Above: Image by Dan Barker

‎Paul Chapman‎
Closest I could get to a photo of a loom! Lots of different tones and very little colour, ideal for conversion to black and white. #ginachallenge #blackandwhite

Image by Paul Chapman

‎Kari Doyle‎

#portadelaide #ginachallenge #blackandwhite

Above: Image by Kari Doyle

Brad Schulz
After listening to the black and white podcast I decided to get creative and have a go at the challenge. I placed my speedlight outside and fired it through the blinds to create some contrast and long shadows. #ginachallenge #blackandwhite

Above: Image by Brad Schulz


Frank Romano

Shot of my brother Tony having a cigarette whilst contemplating life #ginachallenge #blackandwhite


Image by Frank Romano


Listener Question from Bel Parker

Posting my first photo. I picked up my first DSLR in 2013 and studied at the schools of Youtube, DPS and various FB photography groups where I learnt photography is actually a blood sport (LOL). One of my favourite things is photographing animals for rescue groups. This little guy is extremely timid. Pics were taken around mid day, behind a fence with a Canon 5D Mk II, a 100mm prime and me playing ‘peek a boo’ popping up from behind the fence (excuse the paws cut out…and maybe also the crappy backdrop edge behind the dog). I McGyver just about everything so this is taken in a small dog shelter instead of stark kennels (which as I learnt on podcast 30 or so about using garages/pergolas and light is actually not a bad thing) with a 14 dollar ebay backdrop and my old white mats from home to emulate snow on the ground (sort of). I love photography, but what gets me most excited is being able to present the ‘unrehomable’ in a way that piques interest. As you can see I use text, and this year for this rescue I did an “All I want for Christmas Is……” promotion with the dogs main photo as per this pic and all the others just with a name and the logo. I would Love love love some constructive criticism and help on the pic but also things like text, maybe if anyone has tips or knows of sites regarding text and layout and so on…I’d much appreciate any help at all. Thankyou all 🙂

Above: Image by Bel Parker



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