Paper bag light modifier

No light modifier? No worries! Make your own using a paper bag.

A light modifier is simply something that covers a Speedlight or studio light to change the shape and quality of the light.

Light modifiers come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. At less than 10 cents, this paper bag modifier is definitely the cheapest AND it gives the high-end fancy-looking softboxes a run for their money.

Should you turn up to an A list party with a paper bag strapped to your Speedlight? Maybe not. But Gina had lots of fun using one while photographing Sicilian law enforcement officer, Daniel. And with thanks to Scott Stokhaug for being her voice-activated light stand during the shoot.

If you’re interested in how Gina did the post-production on this image, look out for the next tutorial (due out at the end of the month).

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Look, Ma! No assistant! The final retouched image.

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About Gina

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