How to create soft daylight in harsh sunlight

Harsh sunlight can ruin a photo. You can pray for a cloud, or learn to make your own.

In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to quickly and easily create beautiful soft light and how to convert meh light to amazing. 

There are two ways to create beautiful soft even lighting in harsh lighting conditions:

  • Wish for a cloud to cover the sun. Gina has had success with this technique twice in 30 years. On one of those occasions, she was photographing a Guru so she can’t take the credit.
  • Make your own cloud using a diffuser.

The one thing better than prayer? Take action and learn this technique now.

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About Gina

About Gina

Gina Milicia is one of the most widely known and respected photographers in Australia. She is the master of capturing that ‘magical moment’... READ MORE

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