1. Workflow Tutorial - Getting started with Lightroom

It’s easy to become lazy and sloppy with postproduction workflow protocols. There is a better way.

If you are like many people, then you are currently downloading your files to a folder marked “downloads” or “photos” or “John”.

Inside this folder, you may have hundreds, perhaps thousands of images with filenames like 5U9D2496.jpeg or 5U9D2497.CR2.

This is all perfectly fine if you never need to search those images again but what happens if in three years time you need to find them?

Following a consistent workflow protocol will save you hours of valuable time and also prevent potential heartbreak caused from lost files.

In this series of four tutorials, Gina will show you how she manages her workflow in Lightroom. Working in Lightroom is an awesome way to edit your files but it’s also a powerful tool to organise and keep track of your files.

In these tutorials, Gina will show you:

  • Her workflow protocol for shooting, backing up, naming and exporting files
  • Getting started with Lightroom
  • Setting up a Lightroom Catalog
  • File naming inside Lightroom
  • Organising your files in Lightroom
  • Troubleshooting Lightroom
  • Exactly what happens to your files when you import them and how to stop seeing error messages.

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About Gina

About Gina

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