How to create a black and white film look from digital files using Lightroom

One-size-fits-all filters don't always cut it. Learn how to create your own black and white film look.

How to photograph portraits in harsh sunlight

Hard midday sun can be brutal on portraits. It’s high contrast and very bright so not only do you have hard shadows on the face to contend with, but it can also be very difficult for models with light coloured eyes, who struggle to keep their eyes open!

Beauty Retouch Tutorial using Lightroom

Beauty retouching is an essential skill for portrait and fashion photography.

Shooting and directing portrait of Hannah

In this tutorial, we go behind the scenes as Gina shoots and directs a portrait of Hannah, who is not a professional model.

Finding great shots while on the road in the Philippines

Valerie Khoo takes you on the road with Gina in the markets of Cebu in the Philippines. See Gina in action as she engages with strangers and brings out the best in them to snap truly stunning images.

Behind the scenes: A shoot with motorbikes, mustangs and models

Join Valerie Khoo as she goes behind the scenes with Gina at a beachside location on a shoot for a surfwear client. Working with professional models, full sunlight, make-up artists, horses and drones, it was an intense day.

How to create a Vignette in Lightroom

Adding a Vignette is just a really fancy way of saying adding a darker border to your image.

How to use the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom

This technique will completely revolutionise the way you process your images because it allows you to selectively adjust areas of your images.
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How to direct and pose like a pro

About Gina

About Gina

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