Ep 91 More ways to avoid and overcome common mistakes part 2


Photography can be a breeze if you eliminate common mistakes. The trouble is that it can take years of experience to figure out what those mistakes are – and how to avoid or overcome them!

In this episode, Gina and Valerie distill their experiences in the world of photography and publishing to discuss how you can learn from what they got wrong. They also reveal how you can improve what’s on your website, the right ways to self-promote and what you’re really missing in between frames – it could be gold!

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Show notes

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Photographer BELLYFLOPS into a pool to create the perfect spray of droplets behind his swimwear models


To Andrew McNamara

Taking some shots to sell some gear and I’m Macgyver-ing all over the place from bar stools, hockey sticks, fire guards and trash cans. Now where can I use the kitchen sink?!

Above: Andrew McNamara
Above: Andrew McNamara

Shoutout to Rob Morris

Here are two recent headshots I have done for local actors in my area (Southern California – USA). I am going for dramatic and eye catching headshots. I would really appreciate some feedback/advice/constructive criticism/etc if anyone has the time 🙂

Settings: Canon 6d, Tamron 70-200 @200mm, f3.2, ISO 200ish. Shutter for the first was at 1/60, the second was at 1/160. I used two YN685 flashes, one in a 30 inch rapid box to camera left, in front of the subject, the other in a 20 inch rapid box to camera right, behind the subject. I also used a 20 inch silver reflector in front/slightly camera right to bounce some light back up under the chin (worked better in the second shot).

Both VERY lightly edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Thanks for your time 🙂

Above Rob Morris
Above Rob Morris


Above Rob Morris
Above Rob Morris

More ways to avoid and overcome common mistakes


Self Promotion

Shooting for likes or clients

Not shooting personal projects

Foisting their style on every client

Missing moments between frames

Over lighting

Under lighting

Too loud/overbearing

Too soft

#ginachallenge #oops

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