Ep 64: The best photography gadgets under $50

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If you’re into photography, it CAN get expensive. But Gina and Valerie love a bargain and they believe that you don’t have to spend big in order to get awesome equipment that can help you with your shoots.

In this episode, Gina and Valerie discuss the best photography gadgets you can get for under $50. From affordable lightings solutions to triggers and accessories that you just can’t live without, it’s all here.
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Show notes

Listener question

What’s the best tripod to use for travelling?


Kim Rogers uses Gina’s Goldilocks Preset of the week

Side by side comparison of a portrait photo of two kids showing the difference that one of Gina's Lightroom Presets has made

From Kim:
“Here’s one I took this week for the 365 (and edited with Gina Milicia’s Goldilocks Lite and a few tweaks) but I haven’t got my act together to sort out any others just yet. I haven’t been very motivated to do my 365 lately. My 6D is now in at Canon counseling with my 50mm lens that has had focus issues so that they can be friends again. I am really glad that I have publicly committed to uploading my images, otherwise I’d probably just say “I gave it a go” and leave it as it is 2 months in because this takes time out of evenings every week. This is one of my images that I am glad I picked up my 60D camera and chose to document the moment. They had been cooking with Dad, and my son is obsessed with telling secrets right now :)I love that the background is blown out and I will probably use this lighting angle again.”

The best photography Gadgets under $50

Continuous lighting





Street Photography Spy Lens

Camera with street photography suitable lens


Grip Clamps

Boom Accessories

Image of a telescopic boom arm with a sandbag to stabilise it.

Light Tents

Black snap on case with red trim


Gorilla pods


Giraffe shutter hugger

Shutter Huggers Giraffe Shutter Hugger GIR001

COOPH Rain Jacket Carries Camera Gear in Style (via Popular Photography)

Kickstarter: Lumu Power Is a Full-Featured Light Meter For the iPhone

Water bag weights

Black water bag weight

Fotga New Photo Studio Softbox Light Boom Arm Sandbag Counter Weight Balance Water Bag

Tech Accessories

  • Olaf Disselkötter suggests: TOSHIBA FlashAir 16 GB SD-Card (~ US$ 30)
  • Tracey Faire suggests: Adapter direct camera to iPad when travelling the camera connector (black bit) was $2 from the $2 shop.
  • Solar phone chargers


Sort and protect your gear

Waterproof cases

waterproof case

Pelican micro dry case


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How to direct and pose like a pro


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