Ep 37 Screentime: The best post production software and apps for enthusiasts to professionals


Your shots are good but you can take them to the next level when you have the right apps and post-production software. ALL professionals do work in post-production, so this isn’t cheating, it’s bringing out the best in your photography. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, when you have the right apps and post-production software, you can create artistic effects with your images that make them really unique. But which ones should you use? Gina and Valerie discuss the post-production tools that Gina can’t live without, what she uses them for and how YOU can use them in your photography.

This week’s theme for #ginachallenge is #youcompleteme

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Gina and Valerie’s critique is in this episode.

Screentime: The best post production software and apps for enthusiasts to professionals

Why invest in postproduction apps and how much should you spend?

My Renaissance/Caravaggio style

lightroom comparison

Before and after edited using lightroom

What should you look for in post production apps and software?

  • Design: How easy is it to use? Is it intuitive or a nightmare?
  • Organising photos: Does it sort, rename, tag images easily?
  • Photo editing tools: What sort of adjustments can you make? Are they easy to use?
Flow: How easy is it to output from camera to final image?
  • Creativity: How creative can you get?
  • Sharing and output: What format can you output as? What about social media sharing etc?
Help: Is there a good online community, or access to videos and tutorials, or great help desk?

What are the best software or apps for beginners?

Apps for absolute newbie: Instagram

Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 ( photoshop lite) $70 US

Software: GIMP (photoshop knockoff)

Software: iPhoto Free for Mac

What is the best software or apps for enthusiasts and pros?

Photoshop ($600) or $20 per month subscription

Lightroom $200 Or $20 per month

Pocket Light Meter 99c

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  1. Oh! This post is a little bit old, but I just wnetad to share that I am in the book too. Those days I was so busy and pregnant! So I never heard about the submissions, I had the luck that in December 31st Gina herself sent me a Flickr mail inviting me to participate. I was unsure because I did not know if it was real, but a friend of mine helped me to know that it was real. I sent my photos the last day (I had only 7 days to investigate and think!). A year ago I was told that 14 of my photos had made it. I’m very happy because since then many people have contacted me to congratulate me for what I do, I never would have imagined!

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