Ep 364: The best advice from the masters of photography part two

Top photographers reveal their tips that could change the way you shoot. We chat with: Sean Tucker about selecting authentic subject matter that is meaningful to the photographer and why seeking honest critiques and ignoring social media praise is a game-changer. Also street photographer Julia Coddington on how to get close to people in street photography and by close I mean uncomfortably close. And Joel Grimes shares an inspiring story about dealing with rejection and how he nearly let an Art Director steal his dream of becoming a world-class advertising photographer. This advice could change your life!

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Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Join the dynamic Gold Membership in our Community which delivers monthly tutorials, live mastermind and lots of behind the scenes videos into the creative process.

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Sean Tucker

“At heart, I’m a storyteller. For me, Photography and Filmmaking reaches it’s zenith when it’s used to tell great stories. Over my career to date I have been fortunate enough to tell stories for individuals, NGO’S and big multinational corporations, across more than 20 countries. I’ve travelled many long hours doing this work myself, as well as helping companies set up their own studios, created systems and trained their staff to be able to produce high quality, compelling content in house, which then reaches the correct audience. I also run a growing online presence of my own with a YouTube Channel of over 150,000 subscribers, where I get to teach and inspire other photographers who are starting out on their own journeys. My goal for the future is to spend more time shooting more of the narrative work I love and less of the work-a-day photography and filmmaking which pays the bills for the majority of us.”

Photo Ep 219 Finding your authentic photography style with guest Sean Tucker

Julia Coddington 

Julia is known for her strong compositions and her ability to work with colour, movement and light. She is a fearless street photographer, able to work close to her subjects without alerting them to her presence. 

Julia’s major ongoing project, The Pool, explores an ocean pool in her home town south of Sydney.

Images from The Pool were selected as finalists at the 2018 Rome and San Francisco street photography festivals, exhibited at Street Sans Frontières 2018 in Paris and Street London 2018, and were finalists and a third prize winner at the 2018 Aussie Street contest in Sydney. Julia’s work is also regularly featured online.

In May 2018 Julia presented her work and taught a workshop at the Milan street photography festival, and joined In-public founder Nick Turpin and Bruce Gilden as a judge at that festival’s real-time photo slam contest. 

Julia is the co-founder of the Unexposed Collective, a platform for Australian women and non-binary street photographers. She is also an administrator of the international @womeninstreet community.

Julia has been selected as a contest judge for the 2018 Miami Street Photography Festival.

In March 2019, Julia will be the street photography leader at The Documentary Department in Melbourne, a retreat for women photographers interested in documentary and street photography.  

See Julia’s work on her website www.juliacoddington.com and on Instagram @juliacoddington

Photo EP 216 How to be a fearless photographer with guest Julia Coddington 

Joel Grimes

Joel graduated from the University of Arizona in 1984 with a BFA in Photography, and soon established a commercial studio in Denver,  Colorado.  Joel has been selected as one of Canon’s exclusive Explorer Of Light photographers and a Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer. He has also been selected by Adobe as one of their Photoshop Feature Artists. 

For over 30 years Joel has worked for many of the top advertising agencies and corporations across the globe for clients such as AARP, AES, Abbott Labs, Archer Daniels Midland, Arizona Office of Tourism, AT&T, Canon, Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos, Comcast, Febreze, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard, Hyatt, Kodak, Local Motors, Mary Kay, Phillips 66, Philip Morris, Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Century Link, Red Bull, Red Robin, Sony, Sturm Ruger & Co, United Global, USA Boxing, Visa, Volvo, and Xcel Energy.   Over the years his assignments have taken him to every state across the USA and fifty countries around the globe.

In 1990 Joel produced his first coffee table book, ‘Navajo, Portrait of a Nation’ which received a number of photographic and design awards and produce an eighteen-month sixty print solo exhibition at the Smithsonian American History museum in Washington DC.

Driven by the creative process, Joel views himself as an illusionist, creating portraits larger than life.  Joel also teaches workshops and lectures across the country for venues such as Adobe Max, Annenberg Space for Photography, Art Center-Pasadena, ASMP, B&H Photo, Brooks Institute of Photography, CreativeLive, Framed Network, Galitz School of Photography-Tel Aviv, Golf Photo Plus-Dubai, Image Exploration-Canada, Imaging USA, KelbyOne, Northern Arizona University, Marianna Santoni-Italy, Photoshop World, PhotoPro Expo, Scandinavian Photo-Sweden, Texas School, Twit TV, West Coast School.

Joel currently has a photo studio located in Phoenix, Arizona where he resides with his wife, Amy. 

Photo EP 210 Joel Grimes and the art of portrait photography

How to direct and pose like a pro

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