Ep 329: The best ways to organise your photography gear, files and time.

Want to kick off 2021 so that you’re organised for the rest of the year – and beyond!? We give you a blueprint for the best way to organise your photography gear, files and time. These are real world tips that are tried and true so that you’ll be more productive and efficient.

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

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Checkout the New Year SPECIAL episode from Photobiz Xposed, where Gina Milicia is interviewed.

This episode also features Humberto Garcia, Bernie Griffiths, Gina Milicia, Tracy Moore, Johl Dunn, Samantha Grant, Mark Rossetto and Nicole Begley!

From Andrew Hellmich:
For this episode, I asked some of my favourite guests and photography business coaches to contribute and share their thoughts on how this year will shape for photographers running their businesses amid Covid and following a very tough 2020 for some.

“Here’s exactly what I asked each of them…

“I’m putting together a podcast episode for a new years release of PhotoBizX and would love to feature you and your thoughts on how you see photography business shaping up for 2021.

“Feel free to focus on any of the following… marketing and advertising trends, sales, branding, social media, declining or expanding markets, the need to shoot multiple genres or double down on a single genre, what photographers will need to do to succeed or a prediction that things will return to how they were pre-Covid.”

Have a listen here: https://photobizx.com/2021-new-year-special

Thanks to Eva Swager for a fab review. You can find her at http://instagram.com/swagersolymosy

PHOTO 329 The best ways to organise your photography gear, files and time.


Camera bag hack

Convert any backpack or roller bag into a camera bag

Inserts available online approx $30 

Drum bags and sports bags for gear

Organise your van or 4WD

James Hughes

Gina Milicia no problem. I purchased the drawer from 4WD Supercenter, Dandenong, Melbourne. $250, includes a clip on table and some led lights.

I removed the 3rd row of seats from under the boot, to give me some more storage room. Made the flip up base from scratch.

I had a pelican case foam insert, that I wasn’t using, and it just so happened to be the perfect fit ( complete fluke). The whole thing took a bit of head scratching, and most of the day.


Protect your car interior and floors with tennis balls

Place tennis balls on the feet of your tripods or tips of you booms to protect floors and interiors or create an easy DIY slider

Portable tether table (studio)

Add some castors to a table ( 3 tiers) and store all your grip gear in one spot + tether at the same time

Label Maker

Label all your gear with Name/email and mobile number

Travel Make Up Bag for triggers and cables

  • Travel pouches for accessories
  • Pencil cases

Velcro cable ties for cords etc

Keep a list of all your gear

Keep a checklist of everything you need to do before a shoot.

Pack your gear the same way


  • Rename your files Year/Client/Month
  • Back up x3 
  • Presets
  • PS Actions
  • LR 
  • Name files consistently


  • Lastpass
  • Templates for frequent email/message replies EG QUOTES/PRINTING ETC
  • Notes on Iphone for EVERYTHING
  • Evernote to One Note
  • Expensify

How to direct and pose like a pro

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About Gina

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