Ep 328: More great lessons in photography from 2020

Happy new year! We celebrate with you – our wonderful listeners – and recap more great photography lessons we’ve learnt in the past year. From the art of storytelling, to lighting tips and how to master the right mindset, take these lessons in 2021 for a cracker of a year. 

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

More great lessons in photography from 2020

Kerri Setch

Kerri says: My greatest lesson this year is the ongoing lesson of Practice and Preparation leading to greater Confidence, Execution and Creativity. My family shoot with the 2 teenage boys where I lit them individually and composited in post to create something very different to the standard safe shots was an exciting time for me. It turned out to be my highest paying gig this year.

Also receiving 3 bronze awards in the Rise International Photo Awards was a thrill and result of my learning in the Gold Community. Gina and Val thank you for all your mighty efforts this year.

www.Kerrisetch.com @kerrisetch

  • Mindset: Best accessory is confidence

Richard Howes: I’ve sharpened my focus on portrait and photography event photography in 2020. I took some nice corporate/lifestyle style shots of staff in our graduate program at work in Canberra which are published on the Australian Electoral Commission website.
I also captured some photos to document staff working on the Eden Monaro by-election and COVID-safe measures for this event, which feature on the AEC Flickr site. I’m more confident with using off camera flash (on a light stand) in manual mode which has taken my photography to the ‘next level’, but there’s plenty to work on. I’ve improved my photo editing skills, particularly using the clone tool in photoshop to enhance headshots. Overall – I continue to learn and grow as a photographer thanks to you and the Gold Community. 

  • Keep Lists
  • The importance of finding your niche

Jannene Meyer

Image by Jannene Meyer

Jannene says: My great lesson this year was to discover my niche and love for dog photography. And I learnt how important that was from listening to so many of your fabulous podcasts and guest speakers. One of my dog images made a little appearance and was published in the Beautiful World magazine by Jessica Monson Drossin. I also won 2 Bronze awards, in the Rise International photography awards. These images are very low res, if you need them in a higher resolution I can email them to you, if you want to use them.

Beau Rosser says: I have started a Pet Photography business. Pawfect Pet Photography and Pawfect_pets_and_co on Instagram. Have recently started doing collages which the clients are loving.

Images by Beau Rosser

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Danni Banchi

Image by Danni Banchi

Danni Banchi says: When I stopped driving at the end of June due to my health, I started learning Photoshop more and not being afraid of it. I’ve created “magazine” covers and I’m having more fun with composites in photoshop, thanks to your teaching skills, and would love more videos on this subject. I’m still learning light, but I’m understanding it and seeing it, as in good light versus bad light. I first started showing more interest in Photoshop with your light painting tutorial. It took away my fear of Photoshop. You and Valerie inspire me to do better and to reach for the stars. I know that’s cliché, but its true! Thank you for always being the voices in my head on my walks when I listen to the podcast and when I’m not. Your little reminders about the thumbs are priceless! LOL! The photo below was my latest photoshop fun.



Kim Partridge:

Image by Kim Partridge

Kim Partridge says:

I would say that my biggest achievement this year has been taking steps to grow my confidence in creating composite images. I think I’m most proud of the Alice in Wonderland set that I created using your 1 light technique that you taught us in Sicily! These were inspired by one of your podcasts where you encouraged us to photograph ourselves in various positions throughout our lockdown day.. (the fact that mine turned in to a mad hatters tea party says a lot!)

These were shot in the middle of lockdown Part 1 and I had so much fun creating and editing them. In between lockdowns, I went on to display them in a local exhibition (The Art of Lockdown) where I even managed to sell a few prints!

I know that these images are not perfect (and I know I messed up the shadows in a few) however, I was so excited by them and they’ve started me on a path to do so much more!

In addition, I’d like to say a personal thank you to you and Val and for keeping the podcast (and the community as a whole) going throughout this year. In a year of such uncertainty I know that so many of us have struggled, and having your podcast every single week with practical advice, project ideas, motivation, genuine empathy and incredible guests has been so so appreciated. Thank you for your ongoing support and everything that you do. 

  • Failproof your setup

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