Ep 290: Photo challenge week 2 + product and portrait isolation tips for beginners and pros

This is an excellent challenge for photographers of all levels. It’s a great idea to put into practice while you’re self-isolating as it will hone your skills and you’ll add a new tool to your offering.

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

Constructive Critique

Sunny Valmiki: This photo was clicked in the evening may b around 4 o’clock my settings are as follows ss/320 f stop / 1.8 iso 100 I used an off-camera flash of Digitek manual flash with 35×35 softbox

This week’s amazing podcast cover is by GOLD member Kerry Setch

Kerri Setch Bio:
I am a freelance photographer specialising in Headshots, Portraits and Branding. My goal is to create authentic and natural-looking images to generate engagement or stir the emotions.

I have photographed individuals, small business, medical specialists, Not-For-Profit Organisations and NGOs in Australia and Asia. My photos have been published in organisational and industry publications, annual reports, marketing campaigns, websites, online social media platforms and hang on the walls of people’s homes and offices.

As a location shooter I travel to you, an outdoor location or place of business. Being based in Brisbane and having a global mindset, I am not limited to photographing only in my home city.

You can find me on:
Website www.kerrisetch.com
Instagram @kerrisetch


As more and more of us around the world are being told to self-isolate, we’ve got a stack of tips to keep you motivated, entertained and drills you can do to up your photography skills. “Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it.”


  • Exercise and sunlight


  • Life (2015)
  • This biopic of Dennis Stock (1928-2010), a photographer for Life magazine


Self-portrait or composite portrait photo challenge

  • Tripod or a stack of books + bag of beans or rice to keep your camera steady
  • Find a room with nice even lighting across the entire space
  • Create a set
  • This may be a dinner setting with 2 or more seats (size will vary depending on space)
  • Lounge room
  • Bathroom
  1. Shoot a base exposure
  2. Shoot narrow aperture F6 and use a 35-50mm lens
  3. Focus approx 1/3rd of the way into the frame
  4. Shoot base exposure
  5. Turn off autofocus and don’t move or change settings
  6. If you have a remote app use it to trigger the camera
  7. If not use timer delay setting
  8. Position yourself in 2 different parts of the frame
  9. Beginners preplan where you will be in the frame so you don’t overlap
  10. Either side of a dining table or next to yourself on a couch is easiest
  11. Beware of eyelines
  12. Edit both images exactly the same WB, contrast etc
  13. open as layers in photoshop
  14. Merge together
  15. Reduce the opacity of the top layer by 50%
  16. Use eraser tool to reveal yourself
  17. Next Level
  18. Change clothes between frames
  19. Have a dinner party with yourself


  1. Light each image and overlap
  2. Bring each individual image into LR
  3. Edit one image and apply the edit to all images
  4. Select all images right click >open as layers in photoshop


Shoot blank plate
Position your subject far left
Position your subject far right
Open as layers in Photoshop and auto align layers
Select the top layer and
If you’re a beginner use the eraser tool to reveal subject on far-right
*more advanced photographers use a layer mask for non-destructive editing


Final image. Repeat with 3-500 of the same subject

As mentioned in the episode: Here is Gina doing the ‘90210’ version of the above.

Image by Gina Milicia

How to direct and pose like a pro

About Gina

About Gina

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