Ep 289: Introducing photo challenges. Week 1: Window light and more self-isolation photography tips

How to write a great bio, what to include in your elevator pitch, create a photo book, and a photography challenge you can do while you’re self-isolating.

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

This week’s gorgeous podcast cover is by Gold Member Judy Bruner

Image by Judy Bruner

Judy said:
“I spent two hours in my bird studio early this morning with my coffee soaking up some much-needed peace. I was rewarded with this. A bluebird pair. I didn’t even know she was there, as my prime lens was focused on him. I’ve been waiting for him to come back.”

“And when he sings to you though you’re deep in blue, you will see a ray of light creep through. And so remember this, life is no abyss. Somewhere there’s a bluebird of happiness.” George Stewart

Introducing Photo challenges: Week 1 Window Light and more self-isolation photography tips

As more and more of us around the world are being told to self-isolate, it feels like the world has given us a bucket of lemons to suck on. You’ve got two choices in life. You can sit there and suck the lemons or use this opportunity to make:

  • Lemon meringue pie
  • Lemoncello
  • Lemon gelato
  • Margaritas

You can:

  • Create a photo book using some of the great online services like Blurb.
  • Write your photography bio
  • Write and perfect your elevator pitch

Photo Challenge Week 1: Window light


  1. Place your model/styrofoam head 2m in front of a window
  2. Position yourself and your camera (with the window at your back) 0-1m from your model. You will need to be closer if using a shorter focal length 50mm or less and further away if using a longer focal length
  3. Fill the frame. This means you’ll need to move the focus point so it’s over the eye
  4. Notice how the flat directional light fills in lines and is very flattering
  5. Experiment with focal length and work on filling the frame
  6. Experiment with the crop. Try a closeup detail of the eyes and notice the catchlights
  7. Take note of the time of day and experiment with different times of the day. Notice the difference in light quality
  8. Next, keep the model in the same position and move the camera so it is adjacent to the window. This will create side lighting
  9. If you want to increase the amount of contrast, move your model closer to the window
  10. If you want to decrease the amount of contrast, move your model further away from the window.
  11. Now try using reflectors to fill the shadow side of your image. Notice what happens when you do this


  1. Try to create Rembrandt lighting by blocking out the bottom two-thirds of the window with a black card. The goal here is to create a light source that is above your model and at a 45-degree angle
  2. More experienced photographers, try and replicate this lighting using continuous lighting or flash.

Post your images with the hashtag #ginachallengeweek1

Aussie Slang of the Week

Me boss tested pozzi for The Rona, so now I’m in iso. Popped down to Woolies for some sanny, but it’s been bloody magpie’d.

Hand sanitiser: Sanny
In self-isolation or lockdown: In iso
Supermarket hoarders: Magpies or Seagulls
Coronavirus: The Rona



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