Ep 285: How to shoot from the heart and get published with guest Tomash

Meet Tomash, a fine art photographer. He shares his thoughts on fine art photography and how to create more meaningful images that inspire the viewer to feel something
You’ll discover: what does the term “Fine art photography” means, how you shoot from the heart, the techniques he uses to connect and shoot in under 5 minutes, how to get your work published in magazines and much more.

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Luci Valentine
Just want to acknowledge that I’m probably a little over two months in to my initiative to master flash in 2020. And this is my testimonial that Gina’s method of learning flash TOTALLY works! I cannot tell you how many $$ I have wasted on online tutorials and workshops from some really great photographers and nothing made any sense. Gina you have a very clear way of step by stepping us into understanding flash that no one else does. I have gone from relying on on camera TTL flash only to completely understanding the principles behind ambient and flash light in manual. What’s left for me to do is just keep putting myself into situations where I have to use what I know until I get it right. There is still a ton of mystery of course but I’m totally confident now that I understand the basics and with a little time and patience will start relying more and more on that ‘sunshine in my pocket.’ Yey!

Above: Tomash

Tomash is a Switzerland-based Polish photographer, photography publisher and curator. He is the founder and editor of FujiLove Magazine and the upcoming printed photography magazine FRAMES. He also runs the Photography Radio podcast. He shares his thoughts on fine art photography and how to create more meaningful images that inspire the viewer to feel something.

We chat about:

  • What does the term “Fine art photography” mean?
  • How do you shoot from the heart and what are the qualities of an image that have this?
  • How has the discipline of being a musician helped you as an artist?
  • Tomash shares his thought process and techniques used when photographing famous classical musicians in high-pressure shoots, including the techniques he uses to connect and shoot in under 5 minutes
  • We also chat about how to get your work published in magazines
  • The new Fuji X100V
  • And heaps more!
Image by Tomash
Image by Tomash
Image by Tomash
Image by Tomash


“I have been struggling with the definition of “fine art photography” for many years. I played with the idea of limiting myself to “one kind of photography” many times and in the end it always has felt extremely uncomfortable. Everything is fine art if you only want to see it that way. It does not matter if I am photographing a wonderful landscape in black and white, a couple of breadcrumbs on my table, or if I am portraying a person. I always strive for the visually most impactful and meaningful image. For me photography IS fine art and whatever I photograph, my approach always remains the same. Through the lens and through my eyes, it has to touch my heart”.

http://tomash.photography - PRIVATE PORTFOLIO
http://fujilove.com     - FUJILOVE
http://frames.photography - FRAMES MAGAZINE
http://photographyradio.com – THE PODCAST



Ivar Vicenzoni I’ve found a picture of it on a german website https://www.opticallimits.com/m43/1082-olympus17f12?start=2 What a coincidence! Scroll down to find it. Not as nice as the picture above though.


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