Ep 265: A beginner’s guide to photography websites with guest Alex Vita

What should be on your photography website? We talk to Alex Vita, a website expert who specialises exclusively in websites for photographers. You’ll discover: whether you should be designing for mobile or desktop; what makes a website ugly, what fonts to use, your background colour, pixel dimensions, image curation, whether you should blog, and much more.

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

Gold Member News:

Image by Kerri Setch
Above Alex Vita

I help photographers grow their photography business with a stellar web presence.

I either build websites for them – I have 10+ years of experience working on more than 300 websites for photographers from 23 countries – or I help and teach photographers how to improve their online business themselves through free educational content (articles, newsletter, resources) and personalized website reviews, SEO audits, and consulting calls.

Social media links:
Twitter https://twitter.com/foregroundweb
Web https://www.foregroundweb.com/press/

Topics discussed:

  • Template vs custom website
  • Should we be designing for mobile or desktop?
  • How can we make visiting a website better?
  • What makes a website ugly?
  • Fonts
  • About me page
  • Tone
  • Background colour
  • Navigation menu
  • Load times
  • Pixel dimensions height and size
  • Image curation
  • How much of our work should we show?
  • How many images?
  • Do you need to rank on page 1 and pay for SEO
  • How important is a niche in photography
  • How important is blogging

Aussie Slang word of the week

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Used in a sentence: Those tracky dacks/jeans/sneakers are so daggy.

It can also be slander or term of endearment.

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