Ep 263: Home studios on a budget with guest Peter Foote

Meet Sydney-based wedding and boudoir photographer, Peter Foote. In this episode, Peter shares some amazing tips on how he turned his two-car man shed/garage into a beautiful home studio that looks like a high-end hotel suite or luxury cottage. The final cost of the renovation which includes timber floors, windows, furniture and even a chandelier cost less than $2000Au or (approx $1400 US).

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

Peter walks us through:

  • Planning
  • How to save thousands on building materials and studio gear
  • The stuff he got right and the stuff he wishes he could change
  • How to take a tired old and grungy looking couch and turn it into a designer looking piece
  • A fantastic trick to a window into a beautiful soft light source


I’ve always been around cameras, my Dad was a part-time commercial photographer with his own darkroom he built in the backyard. I had a passing interest in taking photos as a kid and I always had the best camera at school camp, a Ricoh 500G rangefinder.
When I left school in year 10, I found myself an apprenticeship and worked as a maintenance fitter and welder until I entered a career in sales. I worked my way up, becoming state sales manager. None of this was enough. Something was missing. My fire wasn’t lit.
In 2012, my wife Mylene bought me an entry-level DSLR so we could have some nice shots of the kids.
That simple gift gave me a voice. It gave me the chance to become what I believe I was created for.
I was able to make a difference.
That camera was replaced by some better equipment and I watched, listened, and read everything I could find about becoming a better photographer.

Like most people with a fancy camera, I would get asked to shoot parties and families and other events. We decided that we would take the leap and see where this photography could take us. Fortunately, people liked what I do and I’m now a full-time professional Wedding, Boudoir, and Commercial photographer and I honestly couldn’t stop doing this if I tried.

Upholstery paint 


WEB https://www.peterfootephotography.com/

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/peterfooteimages/

PINTEREST https://www.pinterest.com.au/peterfoote90/

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/peterfootephotography/

Image Peter Foote
Image Peter Foote
Image Peter Foote
Image Peter Foote

Aussie Slang word of the week

Don’t be a raw prawn: (Source: Urban Dictionary)

From the traditional Australian expression: “Don’t come the raw prawn!” or “Don’t come the raw prawn with me!”, meaning: “Don’t try to put one over me!” or “Don’t treat me like a fool!”. Particularly used to indicate that the listener is aware of the speaker’s ingenuousness, for example where the person to whom it’s directed feigns innocence or naivety.

Some sources say it is a WWII Australian Army expression. As to why it arose: one suggestion is that the reason lies in cooked prawn being more palatable than raw prawn. However, anyone from a fishing background who has handled raw prawn flesh, will know that it is limp, wet and slippery; like the sort of people at whom this phrase is directed.
Manager: “I’m sorry, Dave, management has reviewed our operational requirements and found that your position cannot be justified financially”.
Employee: “Don’t you bloody come the raw prawn with me. I know it’s you who wanted me out. At least have the guts to tell me to my face”.

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