Ep 236: How to take your portraits to the next level using styling and colour with guest Dijanna Mulhearn

Simple styling and colour take your portrait shots to the next level. But where do you start on this? In this episode, Gina and Valerie discuss exactly that. We talk to experienced stylist and fashion insider Dijanna Mulhearn on how to draw attention to the best assets, how to diminish attention from the least favourite parts – and much more.

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

Above: Dijanna Mulhearn

Dijanna Mulhearn’s thirty years of experience in the fashion industry has spanned sales, public relations, advertising, brand building, writing, image crafting, personal styling and executive coaching.

Her clients have included leading international fashion brands from Target to Prada as well as countless Australian designer brands. Dijanna started in publishing as PR Manager for Harper’s BAZAAR. Since then Dijanna went on to manage the PR and Advertising for luxury brand Prada, wrote a long-running weekly fashion page for the Sydney Morning Herald and has written for magazines such as Harper’s BAZAAR, Grazia and Studio. She went on to become a sought after public speaker and successful author of two fashion titles for UK publisher Thames & Hudson.

With a keen understanding of corporate and personal branding, Dijanna currently consults to fashion labels, recruitment agencies, corporate HR and luxury brands entering the Australian market as well as providing a high-end image making and executive coaching for corporates. Having completed a Master of Communication Design degree through RMIT Dijanna is preparing to commence a PhD in exploring the deeper, subliminal meaning of what we wear, how it affects us and those who perceive us.

With experience as a fashion insider, corporate advisor, public speaker, personal stylist and fashion writer, Dijanna has a well-rounded knowledge of the fashion industry and a keen interest in fashion as a method of communication. Her sincere, educated and entertaining approach sees her clients book her again and again.

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Just like great lighting and good direction, the right styling and colour choices can make or break a portrait image. In this episode Fashion stylist Dijanna Mulhearn generously shares some amazing styling tips. This is a masterclass in styling or how to use styling and colour to take your portrait photography to the next level.

Topics covered include

  • How Dijanna made her passion her work and broke into the magazine and luxury fashion brand industries
  • What makes a great stylist?
  • Where Dijanna finds styling inspiration?
  • How to dress to be memorable
  • Style tips for photographers for every occasion
  • What to wear to be memorable and how to dress so you don’t alienate or intimidate your clients
  • The language of clothing
  • Why black is not slimming!
  • The best black styling tip ever!!
  • Why you should avoid yellow
  • When to choose red over pink
  • How does colour influence the way people are perceived?
  • How should photographers use colour theory when working with models
  • What are the most effective ways to use styling to enhance or diminish a person’s features
  • How to style someone to stand out from the pack in an authentic manner
  • How to style different body shapes
  • How to ensure a suit fits well
  • How to make arms look good
  • To button or unbutton a jacket in a shoot.
  • How to use accessories to enhance models features
  • Things to avoid.
  • The best questions to ask when you are dressing your model and how to ensure they will LOVE what they are wearing and
  • BEAM
  • How to draw attention to the best assets and how to diminish attention form the least favourite parts.
  • Using accessories to draw the eye around the frame.


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