Ep 225: The future of photography with guests Chris Marquardt and Adrian Stock

Are you ready for the future of photography? There have been some amazing advances in technology, especially in the last 5 to 10 years with the development of mirrorless cameras, faster auto focus, post production techniques, drones etc. In this episode, we chat to Chris Marquardt and Adrian Stock on what the future of photography will be. If the name Chris Marquardt sounds familiar to you, then you’ve probably listened to one of his podcasts. He is photography podcast royalty having recorded over 800 eps of the top rating Tips from the Top floor podcast. In this episode we talk about the latest inventions, and predictions for cameras, lighting, editing and more.

Gina and Valerie love bringing this podcast to you. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

Show us your backyard

Dawn Montgomery

Image https://www.facebook.com/NewDayPhoto17/videos/10156489719595660/?t=2

Good Morning! I was painting the inside of my new chicken coop yesterday and listening to the podcast when my iTunes review was read. What a fun surprise in my day! Thank you, Valerie Khoo and Gina Milicia for choosing to share my review!!

This is one of the many beautiful views from my yard taken early on a Fall morning. I also included a little video clip of my chickens coming out of the coop yesterday morning. I am lucky enough to start every day with my happy little feathered friends. #mybackyard

Ari Vitikainen

Thank you for the great podcast again! Gina and Valerie asked us to post photos of our backyards and …. here we go… I live here in downtown Helsinki and soon our view will look quite different with the first snow. But for now it is like this.

Bryan Turner

Because you asked to see our backyards on the last podcast, its a little scarce but other people’s ranches with oil leases is where I spend the majority of my days. This is an iPhone photo during sunrise. #mybackyard

Scilla Mason

Listening to the new podcast, here’s what I look at Monday – Friday #mybackyard

The future of photography with guests Chris Marquardt and Adrian Stock

Chris Marquardt black and white
Above: Chris Marquardt


As an author and podcaster, Chris helps you become a better photographer. As a photographer and coach, Chris Marquardt takes interesting people to the end of the world. As a consultant, he teaches businesses how to increase their visual impact. And as an author, Chris does some deep dives into wide angle, tilt-shift and film photography.

As a consultant, Chris helps businesses understand how to boost their visual presence in a world that’s becoming more and more saturated with pictures.

As a producer he enables business and individuals to pour their visions and ideas into pictures, sound, and video.

As a traveler he enables people to come with him, no matter if in person or through the images and stories that he brings back home.


Twitter: @chrismarquardt

Web: chrismarquardt.com



Adrian Stock
Above: Adrian Stock


Adrian has been fixated by photography now for over a decade and spends too much time talking about it and not enough time shooting. He publishes two weekly photography podcasts, one super geeky about the future and another focusing on the art and science of film photography. Given the choice, he will shoot environmental portraits most happily, especially if he gets to play with lots of lights.


Twitter: @ade968

Web: www.thefutureofphotography.com


How to direct and pose like a pro

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