Ep 216: How to be a fearless photographer with guest Julia Coddington

If you want to be fearless as photographer, try your hand at street photography. Every photographer should give this a go to see what it’s like to fly by the seat of your pants, make decisions on the go and deal with real people in real situations.

One accomplished street photographer is Julia Coddington.

In this episode, Gina and Valerie chat to Julia about her techniques, style, journey – and her cloak of invisibility (where do we get one?!).

Gina and Valerie love bringing this podcast to you. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

Above: Julia Coddington

Julia is known for her strong compositions and her ability to work with colour, movement and light. She is a fearless street photographer, able to work close to her subjects without alerting them to her presence.

Julia’s major ongoing project, The Pool, explores an ocean pool in her home town south of Sydney.

Images from The Pool were selected as finalists at the 2018 Rome and San Francisco street photography festivals, exhibited at Street Sans Frontières 2018 in Paris and Street London 2018, and were finalists and a third prize winner at the 2018 Aussie Street contest in Sydney. Julia’s work is also regularly featured online.

In May 2018 Julia presented her work and taught a workshop at the Milan street photography festival, and joined In-public founder Nick Turpin and Bruce Gilden as a judge at that festival’s real-time photo slam contest.

Julia is the co-founder of the Unexposed Collective, a platform for Australian women and non-binary street photographers. She is also an administrator of the international @womeninstreet community.

Julia has been selected as a contest judge for the 2018 Miami Street Photography Festival.

In March 2019, Julia will be the street photography leader at The Documentary Department in Melbourne, a retreat for women photographers interested in documentary and street photography.

See Julia’s work on her website www.juliacoddington.com and on Instagram @juliacoddington

In this interview Julia talks about:

  • Starting her photography career later in life
  • Developing her street style
  • Overcoming fear as a photographer
  • The advantages of being invisible
  • The importance of knowing your rights as a street photographer.
  • How to develop confidence
  • How she developed her ‘street smarts” and how this applies to her photography
  • Working her shots
  • Photography workflow

“Street photography for me is like an addiction. And with any addiction there are highs and lows. It is also about inserting yourself into a situation and becoming invisible. Observing people, their interactions, shapes, movement, colours, light and shadows. It’s about ‘seeing’ these things and capturing them. What I love most is to lose myself in my invisibility and meld into the scene. It’s almost a fugue-like state, like I’m not there, or like a fly on the wall, or wearing an invisibility cloak. And this state is what fuels the addiction.” – Julia Coddington

Image by Julia Coddington
Image by Julia Coddington
Image by Julia Coddington
Image by Julia Coddington
Image by Julia Coddington
Image by Julia Coddington
Image by Julia Coddington




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