Ep 194: Common camera faults and how to care for your gear with veteran camera technician Wayne Rogers

In this episode we find the answers to a lot of questions! How often do cameras fail due to camera faults vs user error? When is the best time to buy a new camera? How can you look for damage on a used lens? Does placing Silica Gel packs in your camera bag really work? Why are leather camera bags a poor choice for storing gear? Are UV filters necessary? What are the dumbest things photographers have done to their camera? Hint: One involved super glue and the other WD40.

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Show notes

Marty Strecker from Australia 

Listening to your podcasts Gina and Valerie, is always something I look forward to. While I started listening to them a bit over a year ago now, which meant I had to catch up the earlier ones, the episodes have always had some gems of info and thought provoking moments. That meant looking at myself, realizing that what you don’t know, you don’t know and opening my mind. I can’t say that my photography would be where it is now without these little gems of wisdom from almost every episode. (of course I am fabulous now..cough cough… but looking forward to growing into my “style”) I would love to be in the Gold Community one day, so when I actually make a dollar from images I’ll come knocking. The last several podcasts though are something else. Beyond photography. Ian Weldon, what a star, about being himself and following his own feel for what he saw as photography and the history of it, taking the time to enjoy the process of making the image and why, as well as not getting caught up on the social media “likes” as validation for good image making. The way you two present this is so loose sometimes, and I think that’s point in part, nothing in photography needs to be always serious, yet it can be easy enough to learn and you make it seem quite achievable. I look forward to the future podcasts even though I don’t know how you’re gunna up the game. Many thanks for effort that goes into these podcasts. Cheers Marty

Listener Question

From Keith Macke‎

For large groups would you have done anything differently here? This was shot at 14mm (7D mkII) from a 20ft ladder with only lighting from the ceiling from the gymnasium, ISO was at 3200 f8.0 1/40th. I do this shot once a year, this is the third time and next year I would like to get a less noisy image.

Option A
Shoot at F5.6 @1600 ISO
Try 24mm or 35mm and get back further
35mm less distortion than 14mm
People at the back won’t look as small

Option B
Shoot in groups of 20 and stitch shot together


Above: Wayne Rogers

Some of the topics covered in this weeks episode include:

  • How often do cameras fail due to camera faults vs user error. I was really surprised by this answer
  • What is the most common reason people need to get their cameras repaired and why?
  • When is the best time to buy a new camera and why
  • How to get the sharpest images using a DSLR based on the technology.
  • What is the sweet spot on a lens
  • How to look for damage on a used lens
  • Does placing Silica Gel packs in your camera bag really work?
  • Why leather camera bags are a poor choice for storing gear
  • A fantastic hack to minimize mould in damp conditions
  • Are UV filters necessary?
  • How to keep your sensor clean and avoid costly cleans
  • Why you should never store lens and body caps in your pocket.
  • What are shutterbugs?
  • How often to DIY clean your sensor vs getting a technician clean
  • The danger of anti static brushes
  • What is the dumbest thing a photographer has done to their camera (Hint one involved super glue and the other WD40)

If you live in Australia and want your camera repaired then check out camera clinic
WEB www.cameraclinic.com.au

Facbook https://www.facebook.com/Camera-Clinic-1528539414042656/

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