Ep 192: Documentary style Wedding photography with special guest Ian Weldon

We chat to Ian Weldon who shoots weddings with a difference. He’s for people who don’t want traditional wedding photography. Check out his portfolio and you will not see any pretty pictures of brides and grooms holding hands running through backlit meadows of daisies. Weldon captures weddings as they happen. His images are honest and raw and exciting. His work has been highly praised and recognized world wide including being named as one of the best 10 wedding photographers in the world in previous years.

In this interview he shares his “why” and how turning his back on the more conventional style of photography and turning down this work only shoot the documentary style led to the successful artist he is now.

Gina and Valerie love bringing this podcast to you.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show notes

“The photographs we miss teach us to get the photographs we want.” Ian Weldon

Above: Ian Weldon

Website: www.ianweldon.com

Instagram: ianjweldon – not_wedding_photogrpahy – outerfocuspodcast

Twitter: ianweldon – outerfocuspod

Facebook: Ian Weldon Photography – Outerfocus – Outerfocus Chit Chat

Products/workshops: www.imnotaweddingphotographer.com

Podcast: www.outerfocuspodcast.com

Photographers mentioned

Elliott Erwitt,William Eggleston, Martin Parr, Bruce Gildon, Sarah Moon Helen Levitt


I’m Ian Weldon and I predominantly photograph weddings, for people who don’t want wedding photography. I have no love for the photography industry and even less for the wedding industry. My love lies with photography, plain and simple.

Snapshots for me are king, the greatest of all photographs. Where things are captured as they happen, not contrived or preconceived. There is a nostalgic quality to them, a truth that seems devoid in the perfectly posed portrait or group shot. As an artist it’s my job to select these moments, and as Joel Meyerowitz so eloquently puts it, “ It’s the quality of our selection that makes us visible to the world”

My approach to wedding photography has given me widespread recognition and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph weddings worldwide. I’m a former lecturer on photography history and have been an educator in photography for more than a decade, focusing on the study and practice of the craft and it’s ideas, rather than a desired popular aesthetic.

I now host a weekly photography podcast that explores the idea of photography: Where it came from, where it is, and where it’s going. But ultimately, to explore our place within it.

Image by Ian Weldon
Image by Ian Weldon
Image by Ian Weldon
Image by Ian Weldon


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