Ep 175: Snapshot: How to overcome preshoot nerves and budget lighting kits under $1000

So you have your big big shoot coming up? How do you get over your nerves and ensure that you nail exactly what your client wants?

Gina and Valerie discuss the steps you need to take to keep calm, wow your client and deliver the goods. And if you’re after a lighting kit, Gina provides several options if you’re on a budget.

Gina and Valerie love bringing this podcast to you.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show notes

Shout out

Natalie Ord

So excited for my first solo exhibition. Thanks to each and every one of you for your help, advice and cyber-friendships. And of course huge thanks to Gina Milicia & Valerie Khoo for their help and inspiration. Exhibition is in late Feb for 6 weeks ( will advise exact dates). There will be free wine, cabana and cheddar ( I can’t guarantee the cabana or cheese but the wine is a goer).


Gold Community AMA question:

One of our Gold Community members is shooting their first wedding after having been second shooter on several occasions. They are experiencing anxiety about this next shoot.

Get your fears out of your head and onto paper

  • Make a list of all your concerns
  • Stuff you can control ( batteries, gear ) vs stuff you can’t control ( weather or Bride turns into Bridezilla)
  • Create a gear checklist
  • Have a “if caca happens contingency”
  • Eg if it rains where do we shoot?
  • If my lens smashes do I have a spare
  • If my car gets stolen while I;m getting gas I have a spare copy of all the files on a hard drive


  • Create a shot list
  • familiarise yourself with the location
  • hire an assistant
  • over prepare
  • have a contingency for rain/bad weather
  • go to easy poses for awkward bride/groom
  • easy go to lighting
  • now your camera
  • Check it often
  • Practice, practice, practice


  • spare body
  • spare lenses
  • light
  • back up files x 3
  • spare cords and card readers


  • Always overshoot
  • Get all the safety shots first



Just wondering if anyone can pretty please suggest some reasonably priced studio lighting? It’s not something I use a lot (so don’t want to spend a small fortune) but need to have something better than what I’ve currently got (which is too embarrassing to mention! ) that will produce good lighting. Thank you!

Impact Venture TTL-600 Battery-Powered Monolight Kit with Canon Controller

Westcott Strobelite Plus 2 Light Kit

Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4/4 Softbox To Go Kit

  • B&H # ELDLR4SGKT MFR # EL20839.2
  • 2x D-Lite RX 4 Flash Heads
  • EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus
  • Portalite Rectangular Softbox
  • Portalite Octagonal Softbox
  • Translucent Deflector
  • Storage Bag
  • 2x Light Stands
  • Light Stand Carry Bag




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