Ep 146: How to find your photography niche

How do you find your niche as a photographer? It can be tempting to want to master many different types of photographic styles, but your success could actually lie in your specialisation. You might think you’re not limiting or pigeonholing yourself, but becoming known for a particular style or niche doesn’t mean that you can’t shoot other things.

In this episode, Gina and Valerie talk about the importance of finding your niche, how to determine what’s right for you – and how to use this to build your brand as a photographer.

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Show notes

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What are some photography niches?

Finding your photography niche

Music David Bergman

Bon Jovi tour photographer since 2010. Covered over 200 shows in 30 countries on six continents. Traveled with the band and documented everything on stage and behind-the-scenes. Produced two coffee table books including 208-page photo book.

Glamour/Boudoir Sue Bryce

Architecture Tim Griffith

Architectural photographer working in San Francisco, Singapore, Australia and China for editorial, corporate and advertising clients.

Travel/Water Luke Shadbolt

A leading Australian photographer and creative director, Luke Shadbolt specialises in underwater and nature photography.
Other niche examples:

  • Food
  • Weddings
  • Birth
  • Senior portraits
  • Pet/animal
  • Sport
  • Television
  • Theatre
  • Dating profiles
  • Headshots
  • Look book
  • Editorial
  • Business
  • Stock photography
  • Fine art
  • Children and families
  • Events

Your skill level and personality

Is there a market for your niche in the area you live?

Your prior skills may help you determine your niche

Personality traits

Once you’ve discovered your niche it’s a ok to work outside that niche, especially when you are growing the business.

Just don’t advertise this on your website

Showing everything will end up diluting your brand and confuse people.

What does your website/Instagram account say about you?

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