Ep 113: Simple lighting hacks for photographers.

When you’re shooting, you’re not always in a situation where you have great lighting. So when you’re faced with less-than-ideal lighting, what can you do?

In this episode, Gina and Valerie discuss simple hacks that will transform your images and give the impression that you’ve created wonderful lighting.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show notes

Yongnuo YN100 LED Sun Light

Product Highlights

  • Daylight Balanced: 5500K
  • Built-In Receiver
  • Includes Wireless Remote Control
  • Dimming: 10 – 100%
  • CRI 90
  • Removable Reflector

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Learning how to control light, in particular contrast, highlights and shadows

When all you have is a camera

  • If you don’t like the lighting wait, or move your subject
  • Early morning and late afternoon have less contrast
  • High contrast looks amazing in BW
  • Shoot for highlights and open shadows in post production

Fill light is your friend

  • Put simply fill light reduces contrast in an image
  • It opens up shadows
  • Opening up shadows means you see more detail
  • The more fill light you add the more detail you will see in your image

Imagine the shadows in your image are a room
On the wall there is a light switch with a dimmer. The dimmer has 10 settings.

Above: When the lights are off you can’t see anything. It’s pitch black.


Above: 10 is the brightest at this setting when the lights are on you can see everything.


Above: Dim the dial to 5 and the room is moody, you can just make out there is a dog on the couch.
  • Fill light behaves the same way as a dimmer.
  • The more light you add to your shot the more detail you will see in the shadows
  • “Opening up the shadows” means you see more detail.

Above: Adding more light than the brightest light already in the image with remove all shadows.
Brightest F22 @ 5secs
Darkest F22 @ 1/8000th sec

E.g. if you had a person standing outside in full sun at midday wearing a cowboy hat the sun would cast heavy shadows on his face.

You can add fill light in 3 different ways, depending on how you want your final shot to look.

Adding flash

  • Controlling the amount of fill light will influence the look of your final image
  • Less fill light will give you a moody image.

Controlling flash
Imagine your flash is a garden hose

  • Hard light = nozzle set to the smallest setting. The stream of water is narrow and flows hard and fast
  • Soft light = spray. The water gently spreads everywhere.

The nose is the greatest obstacle of light

Followed by eye sockets and hair

Hats are dangerous too

  • Hard light = you need better aim
  • Or softer light = greater spread.

Shooting TTL off camera is a great way to start out with off camera flash

Yongnuo YN-560 TX Transmitter

Reflector or bounce board

  • Reflects light into the face
  • Silver side is like having your dimmer set to 8. It won’t over power to sun but will significantly fill in shadow areas
  • White side works too, it’s softer and gives a more natural look to fill light.


This is a quick image made of of 20 images merged in lightroom


  • I bracketed the exposure using shutter speed
  • Brightest F22 @ 5secs
  • Darkest F22 @ 1/8000th sec
  • You can also bracket using ISO


Raw portrait exposing for highlights
Above: “Opening” shadows using shadow and contrast + clarity slider in Lightroom


Above: Adding a “dook” of light to the face using the radial filter
Above: Final edited image

#ginachallenge #shadowhighlights


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