Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for Photographers

Hi everyone,

Gina Milicia here. I want to introduce you to my friend, photographer and host of the super successful and awesome Photobiz Xposed podcast.

I’m talking about Andrew Hellmich. He’s created a Facebook ads course designed for photographers.

I’ve known Andrew for many years and have seen the amazing results photographers have achieved for their business using the tips Andrew has shared.

I asked Andrew to create this special video lesson just for your guys in my community. It’s about how to use Facebook Ads to get more leads, bookings and sales. I learnt a lot – and I hope you do too!

Find out more about Andrew’s course

Do you want to learn more about about how to create targeted Facebook ads to drive more traffic to your page and convert them to sales?

Andrew is so confident in his course that he even guarantees that you’ll get results – or you’ll get your money back!