Ep 344: Five portrait tips every photographer should know

Discover the five portrait tips every photographer should know. From composing, exposing, to white balance, connection and depth, you’ll find out key strategies and techniques to make your portraits stand out from the pack.

Ep 343: Landscape and Astrophotography with guest Kenneth LeRose

Meet Kenneth LeRose, a nomadic traveller who specialises in Astro/Landscape Photography. He roams the US in his tiny little Airstream with his best furry friend Sabu. He also runs workshops in astrophotography. To him, It is crucial to get people excited about the night sky. “The more people that fall in love with our twinkling stars, the more awareness we can spread to the importance of persevering our night sky and minimizing light pollution”, says Kenneth. We chat to Kenneth about his photography – and so much more.

Ep 342: Getting Started with Flash photography

In this episode, you’ll discover: What is flash? Why use flash? Understanding daylight is the key to understanding flash, the sunflower protocol, gear, a quick and easy way to see how light works, the 5 minute off camera flash set up for beginners, what you can do to build your confidence and the techniques we recommend to quell fear – on your creative journey and during your shoots.

Ep 341: How to overcome fear and become a more confident photographer

In this episode, you’ll discover what you can do to build your confidence and the techniques we recommend to quell fear – on your creative journey and during your shoots.

Ep 340: How to shoot great portraits under extreme time pressure or poor lighting conditions

In this episode, we discuss the best ways to shoot under extreme time pressure, find or make the best lighting and nail the perfect shot.

Ep 339: What makes a portrait great?

What makes a portrait? Apart from the technical aspects, there are a few intangible factors that you need to consider if you want to create a portrait that makes people go “Wow”. We reveal what you need in this episode.

Ep 338: How to become a successful elopement/adventure wedding photographer with guest Joel Alston

Adventure and elopement weddings are exploding in popularity in the last few years. Pandemics, social distancing and travel restrictions and $$$ are influencing more couples to rethink the traditional 100+ people wedding. Joel Alston has grown his intimate and elopement wedding photography business from 2 weddings a year to 70 + weddings a year which is HUGE. He has photographed couples in some gorgeous locations including Iceland and New Zealand.

Ep 337: The best photography job in the world with guest Mitchel Wu

Photographer Mitchel Wu must have the best job in the world. His clients include: Marvel, The Walt Disney Company, Hasbro, Mattel, Warner Bros and more. He photographs toys. But with a difference!

Ep 336: How to Build an Awesome Brand, Book More Clients and Make Lots More MONEY with guest Jeff Brown

How to build an awesome brand, book more clients and make lots more money as a photographer. Meet Jeff Brown, a full time professional photographer and marketing consultant, who will reveal how to do all that and much more.

Ep 335: Lighting and editing tutorial for beginners, enthusiasts and pros.

In this start to finish video tutorial we share how to light and edit a simple set up that you can easily set up and practice at home using daylight, continuous lighting or flash.
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