Three things that the best photographers in the world DON’T do

Above: Image by Gina Milicia

Successful photographers don’t follow trends, they create them.

The best photographers in the world have a unique style that sets them apart from all the other photographers. They photograph subjects that they are passionate about and light, pose and edit in a style that is unique to them.

Photography is a visual conversation a photographer is sharing with the world. Copying other photographers or whatever style is hot on Instagram right now is like a musician that only plays covers in their sets. It doesn’t matter how much they sound or look like Adele, Beyonce, Prince, Elvis or Madonna – this style of music will only take them so far.

Many of the greatest artists in history start out by copying their idols. The reason they became successful leaders in their craft is because at some point their work no longer resembles anyone else’s. They develop a way to tell their unique story in a style that is meaningful to them.

Great photographers don’t take photos, they make them.

An awesome image is a combination of light, subject, composition and mood. Being in the right place at at right time involves a certain amount of luck, converting a gift like this from the photo gods into a great image takes skill.

The world’s best photographers don’t just stumble upon their amazing images by chance. They research the location, study the light and work their butts off to make that great image happen.

The best photographers don’t need a reason to go out and shoot.

Passion is the driving force behind great photographers. To them the desire to create images is as important as breathing. Their desire to shoot is not fuelled by money, fame or Instagram likes.

If they are not taking pictures, they are thinking about their next image or editing their last image.

Great photographers love the craft – their passion oozes out of every pixel.

What are the bad habits you avoid to achieve success? I’d love to hear from you.


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