My podcast has launched: So you want to be a photographer


I’m thrilled to announce that my new podcast “So you want to be a photographer” has launched! You’ll find it on iTunes here and the show notes will be available right here on this site.

Right now, I’m hanging out in India – photographing up a storm, lapping up the vegetarian food and attempting a few downward dog poses. You can follow my adventures here on this blog or on social media.

So why the podcast?
Over the years, thousands of people from all over the world have emailed me to ask questions about the wonderful world of photography. And I love sharing my passion with photography enthusiasts. But it’s now getting to the stage that I can’t answer everyone’s queries.

I love sharing my knowledge and I realised that a podcast would be a great way to reach heaps of people. I’ll still be blogging here. And if you’re signed up to my newsletter, I’ll still be sharing lots of tips on how to take specific shots there.

But I just love having a conversation. And I hope you feel like listening to the podcast is a bit like having a chat with me. In reality, I’ll be chatting with my good friend Valerie Khoo. She’s a photography enthusiast (by day, she’s a magazine editor). And she often asks me the exact kind of questions that I get from people all over the world. She’s a great interviewer, so I realised she was the ideal person to co-host the podcast with me.

We hope you enjoy the podcast. And I’d love your feedback on it. Just leave a comment below or email us at news [at] ginamilicia [dot] com [dot] au

2 Responses
  1. Hi Gina, your new podcast sounds great. First listened to you on Andrew’s PhotoBizX podcast and its good to hear you speak about not just the business side of photography!

    Thanks for sharing and look forward to listening to more episodes.



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