I’m thrilled to be part of this!

By now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that I love sharing my passion for photography. That’s why I deliver courses, and share my knowledge in my podcast and newsletter. I love seeing other people get inspired by the images they can create.

So when the guys at 5DayDeal asked me to get involved in a wonderful initiative that not only helps budding photographers – but also gives back to charities – it was a no brainer.

I’m collaborating with some my my favourite photography educators to bring you a deal that, quite frankly, is awesome. You’ll get so much value from The Complete Photography Business & Marketing Bundle – but it’s only available from noon 19 to noon 24 January (Pacific time) 2017. For Sydney/Melbourne people that’s (7am Friday 20 January to 7am Wednesday 25 January.)

I think this bundle speaks for itself.

The 2017 Complete Photography Business & Marketing Bundle is a massive collection of video tutorials, eBooks, worksheets, templates, and tools for photographers of all levels. Whether you’re an emerging or seasoned photographer, this library of resources will fill you with ideas and tools to help you make money doing what you love. Check it out!

You’ll receive my course “Calling the Shots” (usually $297)

In terms of my involvement, you’ll receive my course “Calling the Shots” as part of the bundle. And I wanted to become involved in this particularly because one of the charities is BOMA.

I’m supporting BOMA an amazing charity that assists ultra poor women to start small businesses so they can support their families. Educating these women and giving them the tools to develop and grow a business not only helps the woman and her children, but also has a flow on effect for future generations. “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

But you’ll also receive all this. It’s over $2200 in value for just US$97. No-brainer right?

What you getRetail price US$
The Sue Bryce Marketing Intensive by Sue Bryce$199.00
Susan Stripling’s Wedding Business Fundamentals by Susan Stripling $199.00
What Should I Charge?$80.00
Hurleyisms Pro$59.88
Use Social Media to Book More Clients, Grow Your Profits, and Tell Your Story by Jenna Kutcher $200.00
The Essential Guide To Blogging For Photographers by Design Aglow$75.00
The Photographers Rapid Social Branding Toolkit by Dave Seeram$59.99
Essential Photography Business Lessons by Lauren & Robert Lim$50.00
Calling the Shots: How to Direct and Pose like a Pro by Gina Milicia$297.00
7 Step Client Attraction Plan by Louise Beattie$259.00
Selling In A Flash: Photography Booking Techniques by Sarah Petty$229.00
Posing for all Women, Vol.1 by Jen Rozenbaum $99.00
Marketing is Fun! 20 Marketing Ideas for Attracting your Ideal Client by Lori Nordstrom$99.00
Perfect Facebook Ads: The Photographer’s Guide by Photography Spark $99.00
Quick-Start Business Bootcamp by The Milky Way$69.00
Marketing Bootcamp 2.0 by Donal Doherty $60.00
Website Privacy Policy Template by Rachel Brenke$45.00
Mastering the Model Shoot On Location by Frank Doorhof $35.00
The Next Level by Corwin Hiebert $25.00

Total value: $2272     Discount: 96%      Sale price: $97     Discount amount: $2175


Yep, you read it correctly. It’s not a typo. Everything is US$97 but only for 5 days. So make sure you get in on this asap.

The Complete Photography Business & Marketing Bundle is still a total bargain even if you already have one or a few of the products. It’s also good no matter what your level is – there’s something in there for everyone. The point of this whole thing is to help you start or grow your photography venture – I guarantee you’ll find a ton of excellent resources in this bundle to help you do that.

The best part of the whole event is that a full 10% of the revenue from the sales ($9.70 per sale) goes directly to four awesome, carefully selected charities: The BOMA Project, Camp Smile-a-Mile, The Exodus Road, and Mercy Ships. The entire photography community is rallying together to raise $50,000 in these five days (Jan.19-24). Take a look!


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How to direct and pose like a pro


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