Ep 8: How to shoot events, functions and major parties


How to shoot events, functions and major parties. This episode is all about events – we cover everything from the gear you need and what to wear, to event etiquette, how to get the best shots for your client, secret tips to use at weddings and your post-event must-dos. Listen now!

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Show notes

Reflections in a trick mirror

Which famous photographer are you actually like?


Lowepro Pro Roller x200 Camera Bag (Black)
Test all flashes are working/sync cables/ radio slaves
Fresh batteries +spares
Charge camera batteries
Clean lenses
Ensure you have all your cables and accessories and charges for laptops etc ( fully charge your laptop and phone + booster for remote locations)
Do you have enough card readers, spare cables and memory cards
Where’s your hard drive
What you need in your survival kit
Making the most of your run sheet
Wash car/fill tank and pre pack and recheck all lighting/tripods stands/accessories
Ensure your gear is portable, lightweight and easily and quickly accessible
Gina’s event location kit: Roller bag+laptop+monopod or tripod
Safe storage of your memory cards so you don’t accidentally overwrite them

Workflow tips

Importance of dressing appropriately.
Safety pins/shoe polish and sewing kit and lint roller in car

Why you should never be seen eating or drinking at the event.
The best place to store your gear at an event
Only give out cards if somebody specifically asks for one.
Keep notes on a pad or your iphone so you can remember key peoples names
Always ask if guests mind you taking their photo
If people are deep in conversation try and wait for a break before cutting in.
Tone is really important. Never be pushy and always have a huge smile on your face. Compliment a guest on hat/bag/shoes/eyes but do it sincerely.
If you are working with other photographers try and help them set up shots and work together. This is a small industry; chances are you will work together again.
Never stand around looking bored. If you’ve run out of guests shoot the food, band, signage.
Email shots of band, flowers, food to suppliers.

For weddings it’s ideal to meet the couple before they have booked venue and ceremony times so you can advise on best locations and times for shoots
Always ask the couple/host if there are any family issues you need to know to avoid embarrassing anyone on the day
If location is close by check it out at the time you will be shooting
Use Google Maps or Flickr to reccie locations

Arrive 30 mins-1 hr before event and do a reccie for all your shot options
Set up gear. Test and retest everything is working. Check memory cards are in camera
Review shot list and double check you are getting all your key shots. Continually refer back to this on the day

Public event with lots of people
Travel light
Ensure you have a kit that will stay on you the whole time (like a backpack)

Conferences and seminars
Cover every detail possible on the night (signage, food, gift bags)
Don’t be afraid to tidy people up (fix jackets, ask them to stand in a more flattering way).
Try and shoot speeches with a long lens no flash

This is a great opportunity to introduce your skills to other businesses so make sure you forward images on if people ask you for them
Don’t shoot when people are eating and allow everyone the opportunity to sit down and have a meal.

Carefully back up ALL your files
Back up again when you get back to your office/base
Do a final double check for random gear you leave behind (I’ve lost 2 mono pods)
Rehydrate and eat something before you process files
Send off any extra shots to caterers etc asap so you and they don’t forget you.

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