Ep 5: How to find the best locations for your shoots


How to find the ideal locations for your shoots. Whether you do corporate photography, weddings, portraits or any other kind of photography, the location you’re shooting in can be the difference between a great shot, and a good shot. This episodes discusses what you need to be looking in a location so that you create the best possible shot.

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Show notes

How to deal with skin that’s too orange

8 tips for better coastal photography

Corporate shots: how to avoid the boring boardroom
Portable backgrounds

When lenses should you use for different locations

How to find the best locations for lifestyle shoots

Locations for actors headshots

What to look for when you are scouting locations

Locations for models’ portfolios/kids/family portraits

The Plan B location – ideal alternatives when the weather turns on you

You need to get inventive if the weather turns on you!
You need to get inventive if the weather turns on you!

How to protect your gear in the rain

Camera raincoat

Why you should use silica bags from vitamin bottles in your camera bag

Great backgrounds you can make at home McGyver style

Using the internet to find locations

The Photographer’s Ephemeris
This is map-centric sun and moon calculator, showing time and direction of sunrise and sunset, moonrise, moonset, phases of the moon, as well as elevation above sea-level.

Sun-Seeker provides sunrise and sunset times, and flat compass view showing location of the sun at the current time, or any time you specify. However, the really cool feature it provides is an augmented reality 3D view, where it overlays the location of the sun over the video image from the iPhone’s built-in camera.

How to direct and pose like a pro

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