Bling! How to photograph starbursts

Surfer bling Manly beach; QVB Building in Sydney
Above: Surfer bling Manly beach; QVB Building in Sydney

In this image, I used the model’s shoulder to partially block the sun. This helps create great starbursts using the sun.

This night shot of the QV building in Sydney was a 20 second exposure at F16. The shot was taken at midnight.

I love a bit of bling in my images, in fact I’m going through my starburst phase. I’m a bit obsessed now. They are really easy to achieve and I think they look awesome. So if you want to add some bling to your next shoot just follow these guidelines:

1. Shoot with a narrow or small aperture. Experiment between f16 to f 22. Each lens will give a different result.

2. Sunbursts work best when the sun is partially blocked by something. I use the edge of buildings or part of my model.

3. I also get much better results when I shoot with a wide lens rather than a long lens. A word of warning: staring into the sun is harsh on the eyes. I recommend you wear sunglasses when trying this.

4. This technique will work with any light source and looks amazing at night. To achieve night bling you will need a tripod because if you are shooting at F16-22 at night you will need a longer shutter speed to correctly expose for the lights in the shot.

Have you shot some great bling lately? What f-stop and lens combination gave you the best starburst? I’d love to see your results.

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